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"A sound soul resides within a sound mind and sound body." 

Welcome to the Soul Eater Group!

Original Characters(Good and Evil) Encouraged

Administrators & Moderators

(Progress Unacquired)

About the Group

A.)  This group was created with the sole purpose of giving it's members and

potential members a basic role play environment. Normal post lengths vary from

one-line to paragraph(or GIANT PARAGRAPH) depending on what someone provides.

B.)  The DWMA room's main priority is role play. Therefore, favoring

those who are frequently In-Character.

C.)  Common courtesy when OOC is required. We value what other members read

in the chat and seek a very reasonable altitude that attracts those who wish

to role play with others while setting an example, even when there is no role

play present. This is not a website made for insolent topics disregarding how

it may affect other member's views on the group as a whole.

This website is a role play website, and we want to support that purpose. 

D.)  Waffles? There are always waffles.

E.)  Punishments from ranked members enforces the 3 Strikes Rule: Kick, Temp-Ban, Ban.

F.) All Original Characters must be approved. Soul Eater-based characters only.


1.) Sexual activity is for PM only. No smut-based profiles; if there are sexual images in your profile, please, hide them in links.

2.) Role play stays in. Drama from websites, other groups or your personal life stay out. For that matter,

doubles or triples of characters are allowed, but not in plots (unless we let something silly happen like

character cloning. Since that hasn't happened, yet, don't worry about it).

3.) We will not force someone to not role play with you. If the group itself is involved in the role play, others

are welcome to join if the setting is joinable. Please, ask first .

4.) Do not spam or scroll the screen at the speed of light.

5.) Do not harass people for role play. Period.

6.) Do not feed the Kishin. Period.

7.) If there any issues at all, politely ask the person responsible (in a PM) to refrain. If you can't,

PM a ranked member as soon as humanly possible.

8.) This is here because Death the Kidd wanted an eighth.

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