Situated in the heart of Northern New York, The Wretched Pack is a pack not of nature, but strongly rooted in the city. Not all Werewolves prance around the forest.  Hell, we own a meat packing plant in the heart of the Concrete Jungle. We hunt our own food and then package and sell the rest to bring income. Warehouses have been renovated with private dens and communal areas. Accomodations aren't top of the line obviously. But, it's not as bad as you'd think either. 



Wretch Wolfpack Properties and Safe Houses
Red Maple Meat Packing Plant
The Were-House
Crackling Pines Motel






Rules of the Pack



We turn away no creature of the Fera.
Any creature with the prefix Were- is welcome.



Everyone contributes to the pack and everyone hunts.
We can't afford dead weight. If your being doesn't benefit the Pack in some way then you aren't welcome.



Do not suffer thy people to tend to thy sickness.
Our world is a brutal place. It's no place for the weak.Only the fittest survive, The Ill, the Injured and little ones become a liability to the pack.



Show caution around mortals.
Maintain a guise of either all human or all wolf when interacting with humans..Do not elude them to your true nature.



We eat our dead to honor them.

It sounds grizzly to most. But, Is it really any odder than sending them to a large oven or burying them in dirt, headstones, and flowers? The ritual allows the strength of our fallen to live on with us. It's a show of respect and blends with traditions that frown on waste.



Disputes are solved physically. Don't pick a fight you can't win.
If you pick a personal fight with someone, be it pack member, human or other.. it's your fight through and through. The only time the pack will be involved is when the pack itself as a whole is threatened.



Alpha ultimately may intervene and make jugements on any disuputes.
The Alpha has the ultimate say on just about anything.



The Alpha may be challenged for status during times of peace.
The pack Alpha is a mindset not an office position. Anyone with the nerve to do so can make a challenge. But, do it at your own risk.



The Alpha cannot be challenged during times of war.
The point of the pack is to find security in numbers. Times of war threaten this security, further threatening it with petty politics is unwise.



Omega's will be challenged.

Just as it sounds, we can't allow the weak to remain complacent. Even our weakest link has to be strong. 





 OOC Rules



 Semi paragraph posts and up.


Keep OoC to a minimum.


Chatspeak will get a bitch shot.


Solve your own personal disputes. I'm not your mediator.


The Pack behavior is based more off of a real pack of wolves than anything human. Some understanding of Lupine behavior would be helpful. 


 We might be a little anime hostile. Your better off using a realistic picture.


Only the person making an NPC should be controlling the character. 


When IC fighting all actions should be an attempt. Allow your target to respond and retaliate. We up hold the standard of Turn Based fighting.