A "The Elder Scrolls" Roleplaying Group

Vivec's Expectations are as follows :
   • A standard of knowledge within The Elder Scrolls' universe.
   • No nonsense.
   • Supercharacters comparable to player characters also need not apply.

We are recruiting.

The group isn't centered on stats and ability to be like a character from the games. All the number values and things? While they're certainly allowed if you want them, no one looks at someone else and says "Whoa, that guy has 80 strength." So don't feel that's important. We're lore-based, so things like spears and throwing knives exist and are widely used, where reasonable. Don't feel the need to fill a profile with unnecessary information; you should be comfortable revealing more about your character through roleplaying. Lore's more important than flawed in-game implementation and narrative is more important than having tons of information on your character. We do accept canons as well as OCs on a case-by-case basis. If your OC has equipment, items or a history with an organization not in TES canon, write us a nice story, we'll evaluate it, and if we like it, declare it as in-group monkeytruth. TES to its fans is not just a dogma to be enforced, but a process to be critiqued and made. Please have an Elder Scrolls character, rather than a generalized character repurposed to The Elder Scrolls.
Setting Information :
A month before in-game events in Skyrim. We may later start doing in-game quests and things, if our group plot provides cause.