The Multiverse is expansive and vast. Any deviations in history can and will occur, and our story begins in one particular world that stands out from your average Earth. For the sake of simplicity, this Earth will be called Hero Prime. Hero Prime was technologically advanced, yet spiritually advanced at the same time. They put a heavy emphasis on your body being a temple, and thus, while ranged weapons and methods did exist, technology dictated an emphasis on hand-to-hand combat as well. This lead to the development of combat armor of all types and applications. Many nations had Elite Soldiers called 'Riders' that could be one-man armies, while at the same time having their squadrons become 'Sentai', people trained specifically to work as a group to overcome challenges no single man could.


  One specific, ruling Nation on this world, Da'Shir, was at the forefront, having established a Kingdom that ruled over self sufficient nation states through sheer tactical and technological supremecy. Though this was for peace, many groups rebelled. Some wanting to watch the World burn, others wanting to rule it. Some believed in the World Order Conspiracy, while many were simply manipulated. To combat the Riders and Sentai, monster were developed, simply known as 'Kaijin'. These beings were anywhere from bio-organic weapons to machines, even aliens and invaders from alternate realities. They ran the gambit, just as the Riders and Sentai did. These Wars went on, with neither side gaining real ground.


  It wasn't until the crowning ceremony of the new King of Da'Shir that things truly went too far. These 'rebels' would band together to use a new weapon on the capitol city, the Dimensional Bomb. They hoped that wiping out the capitol would lead to anarchy, and they could stand in that place, as well as take out a large number of enemy forces. However, for some reason or another, the Bomb went too far, and instead of taking out the Capitol, it took out the entire world. Ironically enough, the only thing left remaining was the Capitol itself, using a dimensional failsafe to become an Ark of sorts for it's people. The resulting quake itself spread out various transformation devices across the multiverse, various heroes being born..while other less good intentioned people would also get a hold of them. Kaijin would also appear in affected worlds.


  Now Da'Shir exists, moving through time and space, collecting Heroes, Transformation Devices, fighting Kaijin, and saving worlds. Will history repeat itself, or will the heroes be able to bring about a safer multiverse?


Dimensional Alliance Invaders


  Taking advantage of the confusion in the multiverse are a group of conquerors known as the D.A.I., which stands for Dimensional Alliance Invaders. Anything ranging from Aliens, to Spirits, to even Kamen Riders and Sentai have joined the group as they sweep through the multiverse. While many join for different reasons, the goal is the same. They assimilate and capture dimensions, feeding off of the despair and negative emotions within it. The leader is known simply as "The Great Leader", and has divided the forces into two main groups, known as D.A.I. Shocker, and D.A.I. Zangyack, based after the two greatest conquering groups The Great Leader had ever came across. While both work independently, they both work towards the same goal. To rule the Multiverse with an iron fist.





1: No drama, please. If you have a problem with someone, either ignore them, or take it up with a mod if they harass you.


2: Duplicates are discouraged but allowed under certain circumstances. If a canon version of a character is taken, for example, it's okay for you to make an AR/AU version and vice versa.


3: RP will be done in the room from time to time, but for some of the big events, I will try and schedule something. If people are RPing, you are to talk in OOC brackets. You can keep talking, but this is to prevent confusion.


4: Characters will usually be Original Characters using said Canon Powers. IE Random Joe having Agito's belt. However, canon versions of characters are completely acceptable!


5: On the topic of powers, try to be balanced with existing characters. Yes, Kuuga is canonically one of the strongest Riders period, yes, Kabuto is super fast, but if you're too powerful, you'll generally be a bore to play with, or fight against. Don't even get me started on how broken Decade and the Gokaigers are...


6: If you're using Canon Powers, you CAN tweak them or give them slight alteractions/new abilities. Just don't go overboard with it.


7: Original powers are allowed (Just take a look at Maria Morgan!). Just don't go overboard.


8: I really couldn't find a logical way around how to have Kamen Riders fight on par with Sentai until I figure something out, no Sentai Mecha. I know this is a proud tradition in the series, but this is for balance issues and to make things simple.


9: No cliques. Everyone has a fair chance at RP. I've seen many RP groups split, and many people left out. Everyone is to be treated equally.


10: No sexual profiles.


11: Last but not least, just RP and enjoy yourself! Happy henshining!



Current Storylines



While Foundation X are most famously (among heroes) known to be the producers of GaiaMemories, they have recently expanded their market by stealing technology from the Kougami Foundation to create artificial Core Medals. By paying volunteers large sums of money, they have found the guinea pigs necessary to test them--but unlike the original OOO, they cannot control their powers and have begun to go berserk, attacking anyone and anything until they are either defeated or die of the overwhelming strain that the medals put on their bodies.