Hello and welcome to the group. This is where you can find and learn all the rules that go with being a member of Detergent, the local Bleach group on RPH. If you show up and are a regular in the room, you are expected to follow them.


The Ten Commandments

o1. Do not start drama. Drama is severely frowned on in the room and is not tolerated by simple default of the fact it causes fights. If you start drama, you will get a warning, a kick and a ban in that order if you are a repeat offender. Do not argue a ban if you have been given one; if it is going to be lifted, it is up to an unanimous vote amongst the moderators and owner.

We also do not tolerate drama from other rooms being brought to this one, nor do we tolerate bashing of people or fandoms. Personal attacks against anyone, staff or member, will earn you a warning and repeat offenders can be banned. In other words,  leave your baggage at the door. We don't want nor need to see drama from other rooms here and any drama that ensues that does not come from the Bleach room itself will earn kicks or bans.

o2. No explicitely sexual profiles are allowed in the group. If you have one, you will be asked to modify your profile content to match the room standards or you will be kicked if you have been asked to change it and you have not done so yet; this could possibly wind up with a ban.

o3. All original characters must be approved by a moderator. If your character is overpowered and sitting at being able to go on par with Aizen or Yamamoto, you will be asked to tone them down. Original Characters that sit at the level of a Captain will be forced to go through a trial period whereupon the mods will decide at the end of it if whether or not this character needs to be depowered.

o4. Going hand in hand with the above note, Original Characters are not allowed to show up knowing Bankai. Shikais are acceptable; Bankais are not. You will be asked to remove the Bankai and required just as everyone else is to learn it through roleplay.

o5. The only "God"-like characters that are acceptable at all within the group are Aizen and Yamamoto. We have a wonderful Aizen and are seeking a Yamamoto player.

o6. We are currently no longer accepting any more doubles of any canon character . As a standing rule, there may only be two of each canon character--one for each plot. Canon characters must be voted in by moderators, however, moderators will be taking suggestions. If there is only one person playing one character and there are no alternates of them, that character may be voted in for use in both plots (i.e. one person who RPs a single canon, or an OC). If you have someone in mind, feel free to PM one of them and they will notify an owner. From there on out a decision will be made. Do not complain about this. If you complain, you will be dealt with. It's a decision that was made to cut down on in-room spam.

This does not mean anyone has to stop roleplaying a character they like. All it means is that for actual group plot, only one canon (one typist) per plot may be involved. Separate AUs that are between other people don't count. Whoever has a separate RP from the group plots and doesn't plan on joining has no reason to be wary of this rule.

o7. Your character is not infallible. You are expected to be able to receive damage; this applies to even Aizen and Yamamoto players. Godmoding is not tolerated to any degree from anyone (apart from Aizen) and you will possibly receive a warning for it.

o8. If you are getting harassed by someone in the room, be it in chat or PM, take a screenshot of your window or copy+paste the PM to PasteBin and send it to a moderator or the group owner. If the harassment continues, and you have received a warning for it, you will wind up with a ban.

o9. When RP is going on in the main chat, please be polite and take OOC conversations to PM. This applies to everyone and you will receive warnings for it. Kicks will be applied only if it continues after you have been asked to take it to PM.

o10. No sexual roleplay in the main chat. If people decide to do it, then please keep it in PM. Heavy petting is allowed, but that's as far as we want to see things. Otherwise, take it to PM if a moderator asks you to do so.


Staff Code of Conduct

o1. No power abuse. This includes joke-kicking or joke-bans. If this goes on, your hammer will be removed at the discretion of the owner.

o2. All offenses are required to be given a warning via PM in the chat. Repeat offenders are to be kicked and if they persist beyond that, bans can be dealt out.

o3. Bans are to be handed out at the discretion of the moderators, but only with good reason. Banning someone just because you don't like them is not permitted.

o4. --





group plot
  • The War of the Nulls

    The War of the Nulls

  • Rebirth


The War against Aizen is beginning to draw to a close as the noose begins to tighten about the traitor's neck. Shinigami from the First Captain-Commander Genryuusei Yamamoto to the last member of the Thirteenth Division have made preparations to defend Seireitei and Karakura Town against the insidious Arrancar and Hollow army that Aizen commands with the aid of the two Shinigami traitors that side with him; with Ichimaru Gin and Tousen's aid, Aizen has his sights set upon the little town in order to create the Royal Key.

However, something new has begun to happen. Reports are starting to filter into Seireitei of creatures that vanish and reappear without warning or hints of their presence. They are creatures that, inexplicably, defy all known ways of sensing them until they attack patrols that are out. And attack they do; the more Shinigami that have gathered to a patrol, the more swiftly that these creatures will appear

The creatures are unknown, new entities. They flock to those with strong reiatsu and once within fifty feet of a Shinigami, they begin to, for lack of a beter word.. nullify it. Consume it. This has given rise to their title of 'Nulls'. It has been discovered through the reports that these creatures secrete a venom that even the captain of the Fourth Division has not been able to neutralize yet.

Perhaps the most alarming thing is that no one is safe from these creatures. They attack Hollows and Espada as willingly as they attack Humans and Shinigami. If one has a large amount of reiatsu at their fingertips, these creatures will pursue their prey without hesitation and abandon. And despite the fact that they can be destroyed, more and more keep coming and pursuing those that have large amounts of power. The lack of discretion and prejudice amongst whom is being pursued is leaving those that are being attacked left with only one option.Either they work together against these creatures or risk the destruction of the spiritual world's balance as they know it..

The Winter War has come to an end and the forces of Seireitei have succeeded in triumphing over Aizen. With the traitor confined to twenty thousand of years of imprisonment, they had succeeded in winning though not without heavy cost.

Ichigo Kurosaki, the Substitute Reaper that had been ordained by Seireitei itself to take care of Karakura Town had sacrificed his own powers in order to bring Aizen down. He survived as human for a year, but events began to move again to force him to return to the idea of using his powers and regaining them. In the meantime, however, something  far more interesting had occurred. Several of the Espada, however not all of them, had been reborn through the purifying powers of the zanpakutou of the Shinigami forces that had gone to Hueco Mundo to assist Ichigo's attempts to free his friend, Orihime.

The finding of the Espada amongst the ranks of young Shinigami at the Acadmey has caused a severe amount of fervor throughout the command structure of Seireitei. For the year that has passed, the Espada, now turned Shinigami, have been kept under severe observation. Now with the fact that they have graduated from the Academy and are seeking positions within the Divisions themselves, not the least of which are amongst the still empty Captain spots of the third, fifth and ninth Divisions, many are unsure how to react to the former enemy now turned ally.

However, it seems that while the Captains and others remember the Espada as they were, the Espada themselves appear to have no recollection of whom or what they were at the end of things. Instead, it seems that they have been given a clean slate for a new start at life. So far, it remains to be seen just whether or not that the Espada will remember their former lives or not.

None at this point in time! Check back later! Maybe something new will show up then!
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