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Group page is still undergoing major construction. It is far from done and you are viewing it in its unfinished stages! It will be ready soon, promise.

Stay tuned!

Welcome to the D.C.C!


This is the Dream Catch Club, or the DCC.  This is a hostess club, and is for anyone who is 18+, (younger kids can try and sneak in) and features hostesses, or girls who act as escorts, companions and entertainers. They sing, dance, drink, charm and flirt.

This room is for smutplay as well as normal roleplay. We encourage both roleplay as well as chatting. Click on the above links to go to various pages.



Fourth of July!

All day, for those who want to celebrate with us, we will be having a naked food party. Wearing clothes is optional!

Reception Desk

Member station

Members, mods and others will be given the status of Member of the Month and Mod of the Month. Each time a member or mod gets a MOTM award, they will be given an award. After three of these awards, on the fourth, they will get a donation of 15$ (sponsored by Rui) made towards their account, or to the account of their choice. Mod or Member of the Month is an election that occurs a week before the end of the month, and the following month the winner will be given the award. MOTM elections will occur every two months. 

To gain this status, the mod/member has to be active, contribute to ideas/group and show an outstanding committment to the group and its members.

Mod of the Month


Member of the Month


Vip Section
VIP section

To be a VIP, you have to spend more, do more and have more. The club recognizes these people as special clients who give the biggest contributions to the club. They are served before other clients.



Being a hostess entails listening to clients, entertaining them, and keeping them company. As a hostess, one can refuse to do anything a normal client wishes, but it is encouraged that VIPs get special treatment. Hostesses can live at the club, or go off of their shift at any point, leaving a customer to another hostess.

If you are not listed here, you are not a hostess.

current CANON hostesses

AmaneRui Mian Airi Nao Reika

current NON CANON hostesses


Club Positions


Hostesses are the main escorts in the club. They dress in unique maid uniforms and provide services that range from singing to contests. What the hosts choose to do is up to them, and usually depends on either how much money they are paid, how much attention they get, or other factors depending on their personalities.

To play a canon hostess, take one from the available list. Unavailable hostesses will not be listed.

Setsu . Mio . Mari . Nonono

original hostesses can be played by approval by an owner, and should have their own maid uniform, as well as a theme (personaliy/color).


Bouncers are essential to security and running the club. They help set up and take down stage equipment, they accept people into the club, and they protect both the patrons and the girls from unruly guests.

To become a bouncer, one must be interviewed first and approved by the mods and/or owners. Being active doesn't hurt, either.

♥The Bouncers

-One -Two!


Dream managers help set-up events, advertise and over-all see to the wellbeing of the girls and the patrons. They aid in the more mundane tasks, but have more power in regards to the actual events, games and activities that take place. Managers also need to be mods to help oversee certain events. Managers also aid in training hostesses. In this case, this only applies to non-canon hostesses. Managers do what the actual hostesses cannot do, and what the bouncers do not have the authority to do.

To become a manager, one has to be interviewed or appointed by an owner. They also get the responsibilities of a mod in the room. 

♥The Managers

-One -Two!

The Bartenders

The bartenders are in care of, perhaps, one of the most important parts of the club. They take not only drink orders, but send food orders to the kitchen to be prepared. They are in charge of serving customers who come directly to them and know the favorite drinks of each of the hostesses - but they shouldn't tell patrons!

To play The Bartenders, one should simply ask for the job. If there is a position open, it will be given. Currently, we only need one bartender.

♥The Bartender


The Boss

The boss runs the entire shindig. The boss is to be respected and revered, but is rarely seen. He takes care of all the menial tasks and duties that the managers, bouncers, nor the girls care to. 

To play The Boss, well. You kind of have to be elected for it or you can ask! We ask that only males apply, thanks.

♥The Boss



What club doesn't need a hot gardener to tend to the grounds, help clean-up and keep the plants alive? All around handy-men (or girls) are always essential to any establishment.

To become a gardener, just ask. We only need one gardener. 

♥The gardener



The Club Grounds


Hostesses each have their own rooms, and can choose to sleep at the club, or leave when it gets late. They also have the option of simply living there, or doing whatever they pelase. There are guards who guard the grounds, and as they are a private establishment, the club has a gate around its property - making it seem more like a grandiose mansion in the heart of Tokyo.

In the main room, there is a fountain where people can make a wish or look at the swimming koi. There is also a stage for the girls to sing, dance and entertain on, as well as red, pink and black love seats that the patrons and hostesses can sit and talk on. The more private part of the club is up the grand double staircase, and down a series of lengthy halls that resemble college dorms - except every girl has her own room and an en-suite bathroom.


The Dojo is for those who are rougher around the edges. It features a gym, a sauna and lockers.

Hotsprings & Pool

The hotsprings is located in a garden, in the center of the club. Silk screens hide any activity in the hotsprings from view. There is also a moderately sized pool that is also hidden away by bamboo and other natural features.


Everyone, except managers and The Boss, has a mailbox. The hostesses mailboxes are more pronounced, and patrons can leave them little messages in their mailboxes! These are located towards the back.


In the back is a moderately sized nature trail that goes around the back of the property. There is a sand and rock garden as well. There is also a decent-sized yard for the girls who live at the property to enjoy year round.

Wine Cellar

In the basement is a wine cellar that stores all of the ladies favorite drinks; there is also a machine that implements the patrons wildest desires (brought by Nonono). In addition, there is also the area where all of the food is stored in freezers and refrigerators.


The shop is located off-site, next to the club in the heart of the city. It is apart of the club, however, and patrons and the girls can visit anytime they wish to pick up some goodies.

Wine & Dine

The club features a few choices for food and drink. Since it's not a full restaurant, it does not have many options. Purchase one of these for our food-play night, or to gift the girls with.

Breakfast Menu




Lunch Menu

Dream Boxes

Dinner Menu

Hamburgers, chicken wings




Dessert Menu

Hot Chocolate




Soda Milkshakes



Candy Apples




Cards, toys & more...

The Shop

You can purchase these things to use on the girls, or purchase them for yourself!


Anal Beads





Other Toys

Handcuffs, ball gags, plugs, nipple tassles


Cat costume, dog costume, pig costume, sheep costume, bunny costume


Look at 'em, put 'em on your profile, do whatever you want with them! 




Coming soon!


o1Do not ask to be a mod or an owner.

o2. If you have a  problem, speak with a moderator or owner, or leave an offline.

o3. Hostesses should list what they will and won't do; since we (as a room) don't turn away any kink or fetish or roleplay, the men need to know where they can go for service!

o4. Bashing others, flaming, trolling or advertising a group that we are not affiliated with is a no-no. 

o5. We promote chat in the room should there be no RP, but try and RP. It doesn't always have to be smut. 

o6. Tits.

o7. Mods will have a two-strike system. Warn twice before kicking, then go ahead and ban anytime after that.

o8. For bans, mods should screenshot the issue.

o9. Mods (or members) who have caused drama in the past will not be hammered again.

o10. OC hostesses are allowed; before you make one, though, look at the list for empty hostesses. OCs also need to be approved!

o11. Minimal profiles are accepted, but don't get mad if no one RPs with you.

o12. You only "work" here if you are a part of the group page and are approved by a mod/owner; no exceptions.

o13. Think that's it for now. :D Have fun and enjoy all the RP/romance/smut, etc that you can!