The Spring City is a Underground City that was built by Amy Roth. The city has a huge spring that runs through with clean water. Amy has a group of thiefs called the Raiders as they steal food and medicine from rich folk in the city above for the city below where they have nothing except sickness and starving people. The city accepts all sorts of people that ether wanna help the poor or are poor and need help. No rich folk or guards have ever come down to destroy the city as they feel amy is doing them a favor for getting rid of their poor though they are after her and her raiders. The city has shacks built around the cave that the city is built in as it takes boats to travel up and down the city. Nobody has really seen Amy who built the city unless you are part of the raiders as she knows how wanted she is by the above city. So if your needing help or wanting to help them come on down.


                                        Medical Part of city



                                                               Peace Island


                                                       Spring Underground City