Hello and welcome to The Hell club. We are the hottest spot around! At the front door, we have Dillon to look over every guest that is coming in and make sure they have no weapons on them. If there is a weapon it is taken and put in a safe spot till the guest is ready to leave and it is handed back. Once you are done with him you walk down a hall to the middle of the club. In hell, you have the queen, Luna. She is the other owner of the club. Each worker has a uniform the girl's in darker dresses and each male in dark suits. 


A sign on the door reads: Reopen for business.


We are hiring! What do we need here? Bartenders, waiters, Dj's, bouncers. What to know more about it? Talk to Sinful Lust (Luna), Aurora, or Esmeralda. Be sure to cheek the Freewebs for rules and pictures of what the club looks like. Now with a layout! http://mamarosetrent.wix.com/thehellclub