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-Drama: OoC drama will not be tolerated. Obviously it will happen IC. This is Glee, right? So don't take things personally. If you can't handle the subject matter, feel free to leave.
-Respect: Respect all other players, this is a given. And those in charge (ie those with a bolt or hammer) are in charge if/when something goes wrong.
-Regarding doubles: At this time we are not accepting doubles. It's a first come, first serve basis. If a player holds the alt and is inactive for over two weeks he/she will be reconsidered depending on the circumstance.
-Sexual activity: So you've met that special someone? Take it to PM. Light petting (ie kissing, hand holding, etc..) is fine. But once clothes start coming off it's time to take it elsewhere. In other words: Keep it PG13
-Trolling: One warning, then you're kicked. If you continue to come back a ban will be put into play.
-OoC Banter: If RP is in session, please be courteous.
-Grammar: Yes, please use it.
-Problems: If you're having one please get in touch with either an owner or mod. That's what we're here for, we're friendly and here to help.


-Relationships: Do not assume. For instance, you have an OC who is the long lost sister of X. Make sure that you clear it with X's player first. With that said, Mary Sue's are frowned upon.