This the United Furry Academy.

A home for all who wish to pursue a higher education.

Mission Statement
We are committed to assure learning experiences that will assist our students to achieve their greatest potential to adapt and adjust to a diverse and ever changing society. We are dedicated to serve our students with the understanding that diversity of gender, orientation, race, and culture is a strength to be respected. Let our halls resound with the will of all those who wish to better them selves.
This is a chat for the group United Furry Academy from FA. But any one is welcome to join. Anyone can be students, but teachers must be approved and are closed at the moment.
There are also RP boards here.

UFA Student Rules & Code of Conduct

The UFA prides itself in creating a safe environment for all its students to be able to express themselves freely. Because the UFA caters to a wide variety of magic users and “other” mythical or supernatural beings special rules have been put into place to ensure the safety of all its Students, staff and buildings.

1- Magic use is strictly forbidden outside of its respectful classrooms, And when used in the class it must be under the supervision of a professor

2- Students are not to summon, conjure, “call upon”, and/or release Chutulu or any other “Keter” class entity on or in a 10 mile radius of the campus (it never comes out the way you want to)

3- Students are to attend all their classes on time and for their entire duration.

4- Students are only to wear the uniforms provided by UFA; they are not to be altered or ‘recolored’. But Students may mix and match with the styles provided; the uniforms are not gender exclusive.

5- Weapons of any kind are forbidden.

6- The use of communication devices magical and electronic (IE cell phones, smart phones, magical conches, and but not limited to the All seeing eye of Ulgin) during class is not allowed and will be confiscated. (in the case of the “Eye of Ulgin” it’s going to be sent back to the 5th Dimension where it belongs, seriously I’m tired of seeing that thing)

7- No Behavior Altering magic, potions and/or Concoctions

8- Students are to be proud of themselves and their accomplishments and always represent the UFA with pride.

IRL RULES (oh noes!)

The UFA is a user based RP system. This amazing world has been put into your hands to expand and build upon. And everyone involve wants it to be a positive and fun experience for all, but we understand what is “fun” for some may not be fun for all. And that’s ok! Because the following rules are meant to help no one elses fun interferes with yours and vice versa.

-Do not use characters that are not yours without the owner’s consent. This includes RP, Art, Fan fiction etc

-All Characters involved with UFA must be +18

-No God modding, Power Modding, or metagaming

-No watersports, scat, excessive gore

-No Drama, hey you’re having a bad day? That’s ok! I’m probably having one too. But here really isn’t the best place to voice it out.

-Sometimes people may not want to RP with you, that doesn’t mean they hate you. Seriously how could they? You’re awesome. But respect their decisions and don’t hound them. For the love of Ulgin don’t hound them.

-Understand that we all have lives, work and other such distractions that might keep an admin or teacher from answering your concern in a timely fashion. As much as we would love to always be there we all have to pay the internet bill somehow. But don’t worry we’ll get to you as soon as possible.