Welcome ladies and gentleman, boys and girls to the greatest show on earth, Prism Circus. Take a seat under our tent to escape the boring outside world and experience the time of your life with our talented wonders! Let your dreams become reality as you watch our stars perform daring feats sure to amaze and astound you!

Everyone has a past; everyone has a secret; everyone wishes they would just go away. Prism Circus can make your past obsolete and take your secrets to the grave. Those who join us are given complete protection under the Ring Master. You can have a new name, a new life, and a new beginning making the stuff of imagination become reality in the big top. Of course, in exchange for your contract, we do have a few… extra chores for you to do.

The Ring Master not just a man of the Big Top, but a man of high crime. Signing his contract is not just selling your soul to the circus, but to become his pawn in his twisted games.

The promise is simple. Sign the contract, become his and accept his assignments. Assignments can be anything from becoming a member of his elite harem for his clients and gangsters to undercover spy, kidnapping, sabotage or even assassination. And why aren’t the police on to him? Well they very well could be.

When your contract is fulfilled, the Ring Master will set you up in a new life, sins and secrets forgotten. Or at least, that is how the rumor goes. No one actually knows anyone who has ever left the circus alive before…

* Please Note: This RP is focused in a realistic type setting. That being said, I will allow some small forms of mysticism/fantasy as long as they are SUBTLE. Please respect those who are here to rp in a realstic setting by not ABUSING your powers in public.

Examples: OK: The fortune teller has real psychic powers, but simply reads fortunes. NOT OK: Joey the werewolf bites Suzzy Q and turns her into another werewolf, then uses his pyrotechnical powers to burn down the whole circus.

If I catch you abusing your powers in a public setting, I will ask you to remove them from your character or risk banishment.
Available Characters

Clowns x 2
Acrobats x 2
Elephant trainer x 2
Bear trainer x 2
Dog Trainer x 2
Stilt Walker x 1
Juggling x 1
Human Cannonball x 1
Knife throwing assistant x 1

Freak Show (One of Each)

Bearded woman
Siamese twins
Fortune Teller
Wolf Man (Hypertrichosis)
Tattoo Queen
Wild Boy
Living Skeleton
Fat Man
Strong man




[Rules are always subject to change. Be aware as problems appear, new rules will be added and old rules amended. I am a strong believer in the two strikes you are out approach. Unless your crime is severe, you will get a warning your first time. However after your first warning, do not expect mercy.]

1.) This is a drama free zone. Please do not take you drama into the RP. IC stays IC and OOC is OOC. I understand that people do not always get along but please try to act like adults and deal with your problems accordingly.

2.) This is a bully free, harassment free zone. This RP Group does not condone bullying or harassment in any shape or form. If we feel that you have been bullying or harassing others, you will be punished accordingly IE this may result in being banned from the group, temporary or permanent based on the severity of the crime.

3.) If you feel that there is a problem you cannot solve on your own, please bring it to the attention of a moderator. Preferably we would like to have proof of this, so if you feel there is a problem, then save your logs. We will do our best to solve the problem for you, but please respect any decisions we may make concerning the drama/bullying/harassment. We will not be harassed for our decisions. You may petition us like an adult, but be aware that decisions may in fact be final.

4.) Please keep the OOC to a minimum when IC is going on.

5.) Moderate cussing and misbehavior IE kissing, hugging, small grope, is allowed in the room however for more adult activities please take it to the PM.

6.) Characters are on a first come first serve basis. No other characters will be allowed if that position is full. If they are not on the list, please discuss with the owner first. At this time two characters per person PLEASE.

7.)No Crossovers. No Furries. No Extreme fantasty/mytical powers.

8.) Role Play is not required but we strongly suggest you join in; it’s the best way to make friends. We encourage people to come and see for themselves how they like the group, however lurkers who are not a member of the group may be removed from the room if they continue to idle constantly in the room.

9.) Role Play “cliques” are not allowed. Please make an honest attempt to acknowledge and RP with everyone around you. Do not monopolize the RP in a fashion that would disallow or discourage others from joining you. If you wish to carry on an RP of this nature, please do so in PMs.