This group is dedicated to all things encompassing the Fate Universe. We mainly cater to role players, but casual fans are always welcome to come in and chat.

The Holy Grail War, also known as "Heaven's Feel" is a competition, organized originally by the Einzbern, Tohsaka and (Matou) families. Seven Magi are chosen to compete, and each summons a Legendary Soul - known as a Servant - to fight along side them. It's as simple as it sounds on the exterior, you fight to the death against other pairs of "Master" and their "Servant for posession of the Holy Grail, the ultimate wish-granting device. There are layers of mystery and secrets to it's workings, however...

The Rules

Please note that these are not here to "spoil your fun" or make things boring. These are here because we want everyone to enjoy their time with us, and there are certain criteria you must follow to ensure that. It's not much, promise!

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1.) First and foremost, everyone is welcome, and we don't bite. If you're thinking about joining, or would like to know more about virtually anything, all you need to do is speak up.

2.) We do not have "official" character roles. Yes, having doubles about may be confusing, but that is preferable to having someone sitting on a canon character for the sake of having the role and never being active.

3.) You are more than welcome to come in and chat with us. However, spammers, instigators and trolls will be warned, then kicked/banned if necessary. You will not be using our room as your personal playground.

4.) Leave your drama at the door. If you have a legitimate issue with another user, either work it out privately, or contact one of us. If it's so horrible, go to the site administrators - there is no reason to hash it out in front of everyone, and both parties will be warned/kicked if you persist.

5.) We've never had an issue with this, but I would like to mention it anyway: Please do not join the group with more than three canon characters - it isn't fair to others.

6.) This is not a group for sex and/or picking up partners. Casual affection, flirting and jokes? Perfectly fine, but heavy romance and sexual role play is to be kept in PMs. Not everyone wants to see that.

7.) Regarding character creation: You are welcome to join as any canon character, and it is not required that you speak to us beforehand. You will not be asked to provide role play samples, but we expect that you will be somewhat familiar with Fate and the character you choose. Original characters: Original characters are welcome and encouraged! Please use discretion and common sense when creating them, though. God moding and power playing is not allowed. Let's face it, it's pretty lame if your character is all seeing, all knowing, and all powerful.

8.) Lastly, we ask you to be respectful when there is role play going on in the room. Anyone going heavy on the OOC during role play will be asked to take it to PMs.

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Altria-Pendragon. I'm just here for the food. Group creator/owner, etc.

Enigmatic Saber. The masterless servant, and our head administrator.

Mod spot 1....

*Please do not ask to be a mod - mods will occasionally be appointed as long as they fit certain criteria, such as activeness within the room.

Current plot
We are following an AU timeline that is essentially a variation of the Fifth Holy Grail War. After Kiritsugu Emiya tried to destroy the Holy Grail in Fate/Zero, the item became tainted and attempted to repair and cleanse itself. However, the cost of this reparation was reality itself; long deceased masters and servants were brought back from the grave, while others seemed to disappear completely...This allows for the free creation of original masters and servants, as well as allowing for canon characters who had never met previously to exist in the same space.

There will still be the standard number of players in the War; 7 masters and 7 servants. This may be altered later, depending on the amount of people we have joining us. Some canon characters without their canon servants may need to form a contract with another that is available.

This idea is new and incomplete, and will be improved upon through roleplay and through everyone's ideas. If you have a suggestion, please bring it forward!