The Beginning -

The universe came into being with a thunderous flash of light, a never ending wave of life and energy that permeated throughout existence. The whole of creation was a chaotic place, and the universe was without any defined form.

But in the vastness of it all something began to stir. A spark of life, improbable to happen but came into being all the same. The spark had no form, no conciousness to speak of...but as it drifted through the endless cloud of energy and gas it began to grow. It grew and evolved until one day...A thought was born.

" Who Am I.."

Life in that moment had come to be. The thought became the first conciousness, The Firstborn. The Firstborn looked apon the whole of existence and sighed greatly at the world it was born into. It had form yet the universe around it did not. So the creator set out sow the seeds of life. Stars were the first to be, bursting into life as the first galaxies formed. As the first stars began to die, planets and worlds took there place. The Firstborn looked apon the whole creation again, after eons of work, but instead of a sigh..there was a smile.

But it didn't give account to the loneliness to come. Aside from all it had done, it had no one to share it with. No one to share the gift of life and bask in the greatness of creation. In that moment the True Divine commited the final sanction of it's life. It severed itself into two halves.

From one halve bore Spirit of Chaos, The living emboidment of the state of the universe in it's creation. The other, the spirit of Order, the living embodiment of the stucture and direction that The Firstborn gave to it as a gift.

Chaos and Order were born.

~( more to come later)~



Forces of nature is basically a group of people are higher beings that run and oversee the balance of all things in existance. The Heirachy of things range from Harbingers, then Envoys, Heralds, and finally Omens.


Harbingers are the strongest, where as Omens are the average.


There are only 9 Harbingers: Chaos, Order, Void, Good, Evil, Time, Space, Life, Death

Taken Harbinger positions: Chaos, Death, Evil, Void, Good,


There are 11 Envoys: Chaos, Order, Good, Evil, Light, Darkness, Sin, Virtue, Dreams, Life and Death

Taken Envoy positions: DeathChaos, Darkness, Evil,


There are 14 Heralds: The 7 Deadly Sins (Lust, Greed, Gluttony, Wrath, Sloth, Envy, Pride), and the 7 Holy Virtures ( Chasity, Temperence, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, Humility)

Taken Heralds Positions: Wrath


There are 34 Omens: One for each thing mentioned above.


There is only one group of individuals that rival the Harbingers in power and status and they are the Embodiments and Emissaries. These beings are the living spirits of the Elements:


The Embodiments : Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, Lightning, Ice, Light, Shadow, and Plasma (Pure Energy)


The Emissaries: One for each of the Embodiements ( Since the Emisarries serve under them)

Speicalist Positions: 

The Voices of Reason and Desire

If you have questions on how the positions work and their powers don't hesitate to ask.

General Rules

1) Respect Eachother. We come to RPH to have fun, not to cause problems. I have ZERO tolerence for this kind of thing.

2) Anyone is welcome to come and RP in the room but anyone looking to join the room as one of the positions above or to make a profile for the group must consult me or anyone I appoint to do so first.

3) Group RP is very much allowed, if not encouraged. In fact there will be somedays when well will engage in group setting and storylines. OOC is fine but if you can please keep it down if Group RP is going on. It's only common courtesy.

4) I know for a fact that some characters are naturally powerful, but please use them responsibly and with integrity. No God Modding. It's only common sense.

5) I know we're all human ( as far as I know >_>) and I know we all get frisky. Flirting and stuff of that nature is fine but please keep the really raunchy stuff in PM's only. 

6) No drama. PERIOD. NONE. ZILCH. NADA. NIEN! HIEI! It will not be tolerated. If you have something against anyone, keep it in PM's or quietly tell Me or one of the  Moderators. If this happens in the main room, a warning will be issued. ONE WARNING. If it happens again with the same people then they will be banned. Without Mercy or a Second thought unless circumstances say otherwise.

General Setting =

The general setting of the room is the landscape that you see in the picture above. The World of Arcarium. It is a planet living in the middle of a scism of space and time. No one but the Harbingers know the secret of how to move to and from this world. It's world of wonder and danger all the same, as well as the home of divinity.

On the planet there are several zones (or areas) that have certain characteristics.

The Mountains of Selesrium

The sacred mountains that are a living symbol of Fairness and justice. In this vally of rock and metal lives the city of Hermerdar, the citadel of Peace. This city is home to many shops and buisnesses such as inn, blacksmiths, potion makers. You name it this place has it. It is also home to the famous Dragon's Breath Tavern.

The Sulfer Mounds of Vesperus

 A barren wasteland of unimaginable measures. It's a marshland that because of the movements of the tectonic plate has given it volcanic properties. Lava spews from the marshes and form smoke stacks that constantly spill toxic gases into the air. Many unsavory people use place as a means to conduct illegal buisness without being bothered.

The Plains of Elmeria

 The Grasslands that spread out as far as the eyes can see. It's a peaceful place full of little towns and villages, the most known of all being Kermisal. It's known for being a good place to get peace and quiet, as well as some of the best magical products in all of Arcarium.

The Volcanic Highlands of Grix

If there ever was a place for a person to call Hell, this would be it. The Land of Grix is a land of brimstone and fire. The very air choking your every breath, the blistering heat cracking and searing your skin. It is mostly uninhabited because most do not dare to enter. It is the home of many beasts and monsters and the landscape is littered with many active Volcanoes.