Welcome to the Canon Characters group! Here you'll find a wide array of characters and personalities from all kinds of different media outlets. From video games to magazines and everything in between, all characters are welcome to hang around with one another under the grounds they're of a Canon nature. The goal of this group is to offer a crossover platform where everyone can have fun and interact, regardless of where your character is from. If that's right up your alley, waltz on in and hang around.


A Canon character is one that can be found in an “official” source as opposed to an OC. Original characters are made up or developed by the writer/player for the purpose of their own unique storyline. Canons are found in outlets such as books, television, manga, etc. There are thousands upon thousands of different Canons from different places and can vary in popularity. If your character isn't very widely known, you may be asked to specify where it came from before officially joining the group.


As you can see, the rules of the group are pretty lax and straight forward. While Role Play won't necessarily be forced, it is encouraged and should be allowed to flourish freely. Because of the groups nature and allowance of characters from numerous outlets, no 'official' storyline has been established for that reason. Feel free to interact and hang out with different people – but most of all, remember to enjoy yourself and have fun.



Your character should be Canon, be it from television, a video game, magazine, book, etc. OC's (Original Characters) will not be allowed to participate in the room under any circumstances. This concept is pretty simple – No Canon, No entry. If you're not clear on what Canon means, look no further than the group's definition or ask a Moderator for additional clarification.


Respect is key no matter what room you're in, and should be granted as well as expected. IC banter that pertains to your character is one thing, but blatant OOC bullying will not be tolerated on any level. Discrepancies between players can be worked out privately in a PM, but any private harassment should be reported to a Moderator to be dealt with.

(Subsequently, chasing off RP will not be tolerated at all. Doing so will land you either a warning, kick, or ban.)


The moderators that are listed below are those who own a separate canon room specific to their character.