Welcome to the Church of Smut (CoS)



With the rise in sexual promiscuity, man needed to find a way to absolve from this sin; Lust. Lust is the root of all evil, and can drive a person to commit other sins as well. However, there is hope. This hope comes in the form of a glorious haven, one used to aid those in their battle against Lust. To blissfully live out their lives in true happiness, and repent. It is here, at the Church of Smut where you will find your place, regardless of heritage. We believe that to absolve from this sin, and to make our Goddess happy. You must never stray from the path, and always, always, always give in...

...To lust.

Upon your arrival to the Church you will be greeted by the Alter located in our Mass. This room is where most of the recovery process starts, and all are welcome to stay as long as they please. To your right you'll find a staircase leading to the common rooms, where travelers are more than welcome to rest, and spend a few nights. To the left, is a corridor that will lead you to the courtyard, and other various chambers the Church has to offer.

Venturing around the grounds of the Church is widely accepted, and encouraged even. Explore till your hearts content, we have plently to offer. Bypassing the Bath House, and the dining area, we come to the Courtyard. Here is the center of the Church, where people come to converse, among other things.

As we move on ahead past the Courtyard, there is a lovely indoor Garden. Always taken care of, and loved, just as each of our wonderful guests. Many of our visitors enjoy coming here to relax, and enjoy the smell of the flowers.

Warding off evil isn't something just anyone can do. However, those equip with the knowledge, know that books can be very powerful allies. The Library is where you will find all you need. Ahem, romance novels are in the back.