"Welcome to IvoryHelm."

 It is 4248.

IvoryHelm is a wondrous town, huge sky scrapers towering over long bridges connecting most of the buildings. Floating buses transporting the people back and forth between the revolving sections .
But there is a secret about this town..that not many know.
What lies beneath the streets and open doors?
The supernatural.
Vampires, werewolves and shape changers.
But unbeknownst to the people of IvoryHelm..there is a group..a group of savoirs..the Vanatoris.
They hunt the evils of the night and protect the innocent.



NOTE: Once you become a supernatural, there is no going back to human.


Vampires; To become a vampire, one must be bit by one and not full drained of their blood.

The vampire will administer venom from his/her fangs mid bite. The venom will then corrupt

the victim and during a random amount of hours (an owner will roll a die can be between 1-12)

well be turned into a vampire. The changing process itself is extremely painful.


Aversion to objects of faith - (I.e crosses and the like, no faith behind it and it doesn't hurt.)

Holy water - Hurts a bit, depending on where it is thrown/sprayed.

Sunlight - Too long in the sunlight will turn you to dust. 

(It starts as a bad sunburn, turns into skin boiling, then death.)

Flowing water - I.e; fast moving water such as a waterfall, streams. 

(Not showers/tubs/rain.)


Vampires need to feed just like humans, except they have dwindling life force they require the life force

of another being.

Has to be a complex life force so animals and the like will not suffice for long.
Minimum 4 pints of day will make a vampire " content "

[can be done at different intervals, has to be 4 pints.]
Newly turned vampires may require DOUBLE that amount.
Newborn vampires can only go a day without feeding before they become ravenous.
Experienced vampires can go anywhere to 2 weeks to a month without feeding while only suffering minor mental penalties. Going without feeding on the minimum requirement of blood will weaken a vampire.

Killing a vampire

Anything through the heart.


Super strength.

Super speed.


Enhanced senses.

Sometimes a power. (Will need to be discussed with an owner.)


Werewolves; To become a werewolf, one must be bitten and or scratched by one.

They have a human form, and a changed form. The changed form resembles 

that of humanoid. (Think skyrim) Part man part beast.


Silver bullets.

(Any type of silver really.)


They eat human food as a human.

People as a werewolf.

[More coming soon.]



Note : If you are new, you MUST talk to an owner or mod before jumping in the RP!

Double note : After going over your profile there is an rp test to get into the group.

It is used to weed out bad players, and show your descriptive ability.

Also, to be fair we prefer semi-para posts in the main room.

Saves time, people aren't waiting. If you would like to post more

please let an owner or mod know, thanks.~


1.) Drama IC is fine, welcomed even but it needs to stay out of OOC.

2.) We don't tolerate god mods, op's, or elitists. Find somewhere else to hang out.

3.) I don't like lurking much. If you're interested in the group, don't just sit there, ask questions!

4.) PG-13 in the room please, smut is saved for PM's. Romance is alrght by us.

5.) I will state this, only once, if someone is treating you bad, block them and let an owner/mod know.


We do NOT tolerate inconsideration, rudeness, and especially no racial slurs. If you are asked to stop by an owner/ mod and yet continue you will be given a verbal warning. If you continue yet again you will be kicked from the room, if you decide to ride the line and continue some more you will be banned for either a certain number of days or depending on the severity, permanently.


I cannot stress the golden rule. PLEASE TREAT OTHERS THE WAY YOU WISH TO BE TREATED.

6.) Metagaming is a no-no. None of that bullshit. Metagaming is using

OOC information IC.

Any questions or comments feel free to ask.


Coming soon.