Welcome, newcomer. Welcome to will what most likely be the greatest decision you'll ever make. For when you enter these doors you will no longer be hindered by frailty, weakness, or mortality....

...It is here your true journey shall start, and everything you knew will be rewritten.... 




So, let go of your feeble past....

...Relinquish your current quests for infamy!

Know that this is where gods are made!

Now, enter these gates....& show us your true power!

Welcome to Chaos Legion!

About the Legion:

Chaos Legion is an active group of members that are dedicated to aiding those that wish to learn how to fight, or RP in general. The Legion will help individuals hone their RP skills. Though, the primary focus will be on fighting, we aren't above aiding those that need assistance in other RP aspects.


Group Ranking:

Member: Members are just casual invividuals who support the group, and provid limited activity, if any.

Student: A student is assigned to a Mentor that tends to that students, or group of students specific needs. (W.I.P.)

Mentor: The ones that teach the students various RPing techniques. 

Staff: Active members that seek to help the group grow, provide assistance that includes, but is not limited to. Mentor issuing, group problems, harassment, and much more (W.I.P.)

[The entire Group Ranking rooster is being redone. However, the Group Page is almost finished.]