Free Your Inhibitions...

Limitless, a place where inhibitions are lowered and the mind is free to create what it will. Your deepest, innermost, secret desires do come true in this world of topsy-turvy, the mere possibilities countless in the face of your own happiness. Nothing may stand between you and it in this very place, for only here, in the world of reflective surfaces, are you free to be who you should’ve been.

You are the canvas and your mind is the paintbrush; simply wet, apply paint, and begin. Limitless is a fresh start for your very life! Only a simple transport from your world to ours will win you the opportunity of recreating yourself limb by limb. Normal, mundane, and ordinary will become a thing of the past!

- - -

A paradox world to our own, Limitless has been named thus because of it’s seemingly endless possibilities for creation. With several new members a day, the paradoxical universe has become more like a trend than anything else on Earth. Like gaming and chocolate, it is an addictive habit for those who partake in its annual events.

As with all games, however, Limitless has a glitch; a hiccup in its inner workings that is causing some maddening events to occur. No longer a place of pure thought and imagination, Limitless ‘glitch’ has taken to killing people in sporting events. The canvas you are given is broken and tattered, the very person you sought to be becoming that with minor twitches. People who have sought to be like superheroes are superheroes, but have some horrible flaws such as losing their powers at random times when they’re needed the most.

In arena games, created by ‘glitch’ itself, people have lost their lives to chimeras and fellow players. People, who were once able to escape Limitless by simply willing it so, can no longer do this. No longer a place for fun, Limitless has become a place of danger, and is a primary source for black market trade. In the human world, mirrors and any reflective surfaces have been persecuted. However, water itself, cannot be persecuted for the humans need to drink. It is in water now that most people begin to enter Limitless, and thus (most of the time), lose their lives.

As if that weren’t enough, ‘glitch’ has started to merge the two worlds into one via means of the souls it’s collected in its own world. In order to prevent such a thing from happening, the government has sent in three trained members of their lot to stop ‘glitch’. Unfortunately, they’ve only succeeded in making most of their troops cannon fodder.

Is there anyone out there who can stop ‘glitch’ from making the world a nightmare of limitless proportions?


‘Glitch’ wasn’t always in Limitless’ boundaries. It was born of the unrest that occurred in the game over time. Heavy competitions and dramatic interludes provoked ‘glitch’ into existence. One catalyst, however, was what changed everything for the very elusive entity named ‘glitch’.

A fight, having broken out over competition rules and drama had escalated heavily during sometime in the game, and a death that was dutifully covered up by the government was what brought ‘glitch’ into it’s known title. Showing up as either male or female, ‘glitch’ would cause further unrest in the games by bringing up past conflicts or creating new ones, further amplifying itself via unrest and hatred.

It was during one particular event that lead to a rather brutal assault on two characters that ‘glitch’ made itself known. A few of those spoken-to individuals are still alive today, but in small numbers. ‘Glitch’ spoke to the people of Limitless and told them that they were no longer in control of their own destinies. Violations there after ensued to where no one could escape back to the human world and were forced to contend in daily events that changed them forever.

Even now, ‘Glitch’ is pulling in new ‘customer’s’ each day via the water supply, even going as far as to snatch children or babies for his fodder. Each day he hosts different events that usually involve death towards the end. The winner kills particular individuals who ‘lose’ the games. There is no second or third place in ‘glitch’s’ world.

Here are the qualifications for being participants in the RP ‘Limitless’.

There are NO LIMITS when it comes to who your character can be in the Limitless world. The only limitation I’ll place on you is that you have to be human in the human world. Simple as pie, right?

There are NO LIMITS to how many characters you can have. As long as you can play them right, I’m really not that picky on how many you have. The only thing I may become iffy on is if you decide to involve your character in the main storyline occurring, and either don’t kill them off, or return to them in Limitless RP. NOTE: Remember, your character cannot leave Limitless, unless otherwise specified by the owner or moderator.

There are NO LIMITS when it comes to NPC’s. Since Limitless is essentially a ‘worldwide’ event and there are trillions upon trillions of people in the world, feel free to kill off some NPC’s in Limitless, just don’t kill someone else’s character without prior discussion with that person—it’s just rude.

In the world of Limitless, you MUST have a strong handicap for your character; blindness, loss of limb, ability loss, etc. that greatly hampers your character at some intervals. This is to prevent any insane god-moding character-wise.

Yes, even though this place is called ‘limitless’ we still have some general rule-of-thumb and common sense rules that we have to go over. When it comes to Limitless, you are indeed, limited on some of these rules. Please read them carefully—there aren’t that many.

1. NO God-Modding in RP
2. NO drama – the last thing everyone needs is more drama. It’s already pretty damn dramatic here on RPH and we all have our issues. If you do cause drama without considerable reason, then you will be given three warnings; first two warnings are primary and secondary boots, and the last is a full-out ban. I’m not fucking around here. On that note…
3. NO trolling. If you are found trolling I will ban you from the room permanently. I despise trolls with a fiery passion and you are most certainly not welcome. This does not involve joke names though—I kind’ve enjoy those.
4. NO he-said, she-said. If it’s one thing I hate most in the world it’s a god damn tattle tale. If it’s in the room and I see it, so be it. But if not, I don’t want to hear about, “Well he did such-and-such” and “I-didn’t-like-it’s” from people. If you have an issue with a person, talk it out amongst yourselves and bring no one else into it. Do NOT bring your shit to me or any other person having a good time in the room.
5. PLEASE try to take OOC to PM’s or the Limitless OOC Room when an Event is occurring. I’d rather not have to boot you for being an ignoramus.
6. PLEASE be able to type without chatspeak or incorrect grammar, spelling, or punctuation. I understand typos happen, but not that excessively (unless you’re really tired in which case go to fucking bed!).
7. PLEASE be able to at least bring quality RP to the room. Multi, Semi, Para, One-Line, I don’t fucking care. All I care about is some quality RP; quantity means jack shit to most of us. Its actually kind’ve annoying when you have to wait fifteen minutes for someone to post, eh?
8. PLEASE try to be respectful and courteous with the moderators and group owner. We’re trying to make this a fun-filled experience for everyone. If you have an issue regarding some rules, please bring them up—we’re more than glad to discuss them with you should you have a plausible issue.
9. PLEASE tell me if you’re feeling left out of the group. I’ll be more than happy to satisfy your RP or companion needs provided I’m not extremely busy. I want everyone to have a good time—not just some people.
10. PLEASE have fun! I want to make this room as successful as the furrylounge and the ooc rooms!


To be listed


There has been news that a rebellion against ‘Glitch’ has started. Care to join?