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Welcome, Roleplayers

'RP & Chill' is a roleplaying group with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all. With no set location or backdrop in place, members are encouraged to write as they please — However, this leniency is not without caution. Due to our rating and the rules of this site, you (the writer) must be at least 18 years or older to enter. Please keep in mind that the group and its subsequent content is intended for 'Mature Audiences Only'. Be sure to check out the rules for more guidelines and info, or speak with a Mod if you have any questions.

To the Reader go the Spoilers
AAAAA 1776 - 2016 RP-FV

On a glorified quest to fulfill an insatiable yearning for RP, a player takes to the depths of the internet in order to find it — whatever the cost. Despite words of warning from family and friends, desperation proves to be a worthy adversary as his journey takes him down an unexpected path. Now at the forefront of endless possibilities he must choose between living the life he abandoned, and living the one he must write for himself. Fortune will favor the brave in this unwritten chapter — of which only you can create.

RulES & reGULAtions
RP & Chill  Original

  1. Blank or OOC (Out Of Character) profiles will not be permitted to enter the room. This is non-negotiable. On a website like this one, the concept is simple: The purpose of a roleplaying site is to RP a character... for which there should be information provided.

    If you're new to the process or having trouble getting started, please scroll down to the profile section for a guideline on what kind of information to consider beforehand.
  2. Spamming, advertising, harassment, baiting, flaming or trolling in any way will not be tolerated in the room. If there is active RP going on, please be courteous to others and use either [brackets] or (parentheses) to indicate OOC chatter.
  3. If you're looking for RP, please refrain from using the main chatroom as a platform to advertise desired plots or storylines. Instead, we ask that you utilize the Find RP function, or simply write up a status. This can be done by right-clicking your name on the roster and selecting "Set LFRP Ad".
  4. Discussions about Politics or Social issues are welcome. However, freedom of speech, while encouraged, still holds a threshold. Should one of the Owners or Moderators see a topic of discussion becoming a little too heated, they're permitted to end it at their own discretion. Debates are acceptable, but be respectful and civil. Remember: Not everyone shares the same opinion you do.

    On that note, please be advised that it shouldn't take a position of authority to halt a touchy conversation. Do you REALLY need the chatroom police to come in and tell you to knock something off? Certain topics of discussion can easily unnerve or offend the vast majority of patrons: Subjects like rape, abortion, religious/ biological/ sexual agenda, or anything similar are just a few examples. Insightful discussions are more than acceptable, but telling a joke just because it’s offensive is not only tasteless, but a warrant for discipline. Our threshold of tolerance for this kind of ignorant bullshit is considerably lower than it is for many others. Do yourself (and everyone else) a favor and keep them unsaid in the room.
  5. Smut is allowed in the room within reason, and only if characters are of legal age. That being said, keep in mind Owners and Mods do have the right to suggest it be taken to PM instead. Some people simply find smut too distracting, while others are genuinely uncomfortable around it. Being told to continue in PM for the sake of majority comfort is not an outrageous request.
  6. Moderators are never going to take action without a reason to do so — It helps to be mindful of that. If one of them has asked you to knock something off in the room, continuing to prod the issue or tread the line will only result in a kick or a ban. Backseat modding or providing false interpretations of the rules will not be tolerated. Few things are more obnoxious than those who have to be told more than once to stop doing what they're doing.

Profile Information: Blanks Will Be Warned
—  If you're not really sure what to write in your profile, the following questions may help you get started. Are they human? Not human? Canon? Created for a specific setting or time period? (Medieval, Modern, Slice of life, Futuristic, etc.) Do they have any supernatural abilities? As long as you give us an idea of what kind of character you have, you should be good to go.

—  Outside links alone will not be enough to meet profile requirements. RPH has already supplied you with a platform for character construction and therefore should be what is utilized. Make note that you are more than welcome to use outside links in your profile so long as additional information is also provided.

— We aren't asking for fully written back-stories (or a knack for HTML and CSS for that matter). Sometimes a character's personality emerges best during RP or after interacting with others. That's perfectly fine with us, but minimal effort toward character creation is a must.

The [negotiable] 3-Strike Policy System
—  1st offense: Warning in PM.

—  2nd offense: Warning [either in Room or PM] and Kick if necessary.

—  3rd offense: Ban.

Blank profiles who've been approached by a Mod will be kicked after a 10 minute period of inaction. While it's expected of everyone to familiarize themselves with the rules, there's really no excuse when something like "No Blank Profiles" is actually written right in the subject line.

Depending on the severity of one's actions, a ban will either be temporary or permanent. At the discretion of each Moderator, the 3-strike-system may not always be suitable for obvious trolls or intentional shit-starters. If you're only here to cause drama, consider yourself already 2 strikes in.

Insta-Bans (Temp or Perma): No Warnings Required
—  Intentional trolling, spamming, or room flooding.

—  Posting someone else's personal information, doxxing, or attempting to slander a user.

—  Malevolent provocation (including, but not limited to instigation and/or racial slurs).

General Disclaimer
—  We reserve the right to add, alter or remove certain rules for the purpose of majority benefit.

Owners and Mods are not here to babysit. Personal issues are Personal issues. Blocking a nuisance takes 2 clicks at most. Their job is to uphold a standard of fairness and keep the chat free of unwanted distractions. That being said, bear in mind that we can't always keep our eyes fixed on the room at all times. If you see a situation that goes against one of the rules, please PM a Mod with a screenshot of the issue. Hearsay alone will not be enough of a reason to take action.

If you have a discrepancy with how a Moderator has handled a situation, you are more than welcome to PM them with your concerns. This is NOT, however, a license to be rude or disrespectful. The rules of civility for the room also pertain to the use of PM messages as well.

Group layout coded by INTJ.

Ownership & Moderation

Some people just seem to have a knack for taking out the trash, and this rowdy bunch is no exception to that. Despite their immediate duties as Admins, most are quite friendly and easy to talk to... given they're not in the midst of self sabotage.

Starring: Zetsuna, Lira`thae, Davina Alin End, Kaine and Abelle, Judge, Jack Amsel, Akira, Pestilence

Genres: Comedy, Horror, Surprise Penetration, Dragon Erotica
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