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 Rules last updated: 05.11.2014 

In a hurry? If you're looking to skim these rules, the general jist of each rule is bolded for your convenience. If you're a tl;dr kind of person, just read the bold parts! However, do know that you are still held responsible for the entirety of the rule, whether you read it or not.


The room name for Friendship is Magic is friendshipismagic. Our mission is to develop a world where as many individuals can join in and have as much fun as possible! While we support an active, creative community, like any organized community there are rules in place to maintain order. We'll try to keep them nice and painless, promise!

1| New people are always fun to meet! My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has a fanbase that's constantly growing at a staggering rate. As such, we love new faces, and you are welcome to visit and observe, to decide if you would like to make an MLP name! However, we do ask that you please not idle on non-pony names longer than a few hours or so, and please do not initiate RP as a non-pony unless approved by an admin beforehand.

2| Please do not have NSFW images visible on your profile--you may have them provided they are hidden behind links, preferrably labeled as NSFW. Only images with tasteful nudity may be allowed to be visible. While we know that everyone on the site is (as far as we can tell, anyhow) 18 or above, this is not an NSFW group--As far as the room goes, PG-13 is as risque as we'd like it in public. If you have questions over whether an image is considered tasteful or not, please contact a mod or admin to have it cleared!

3| Respect is key. Everyone should have respect for one another, be you a member of the group or not! We ask that you please treat others the way you would like to be treated, and avoid trolling, joke names, and other unnecessary nastiness or snark. We are all here under a common interest, after all, and that common interest places friendship and harmony first even in times of strife--so, too, should we. If you have a conflict and don't feel you can resolve it peacefully, please contact a mod and let them know (or an admin, if your problem is with a mod). We can't help if we don't know there's a problem!

4| Multiples of canon ponies are allowed, with the exceptions of The Four Alicorns [Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight], Shining Armor, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra, Discord, Nightmare Moon, and Tirek the Centaur. These characters are limited to one (1) active member of the group at a time, and must be approved by the current administrative team. This is a rule put in place to maintain balance and keep the canon of the room at large organized. Twilight Sparkle herself is NOT restricted, provided she is portrayed as her Unicorn self without the appearance or abilities of an Alicorn, express or implied.

5| No alicorn OCs, crossover characters, or human characters (including Equestria Girls humanized ponies) are allowed, period. Until such a time when the TV show reveals these species as common occurences (or, in the case of humans, existant at all), this rule will remain. Likewise, the only exception to the crossovers rule are characters such as Cheese Sandwich, who are direct personifications adknowledged and referenced in the show's canon. Changeling OCs are not restricted, however, we ask that the character's transformative powers be reasonable--a normal Changeling cannot mimic an Alicorn, for example. If you are unsure, ask first, please.

6| To protect the integrity of artists and their OCs, full-on carbon copies of an OC (taking a Tumblr Ask OC and playing them as they appear in their blog, for example) are not allowed without the artist's permission. Character likenesses (using ONLY art from said blog/artist, and not story, personality concepts, etc) are fine for the sake of representation alone; however, if you are asked to take down their art (by them or by us), please do so. Don't be a real-life Changeling!

7| OOC is to be taken to the OOC sister room, mlpxooc, while RP is occuring in the room. This is to be certain those posting are able to see each other's posts, without the clutter of many people who aren't RPing talking at once. If the room is not open, feel free to open it--you need not be an admin or mod to do so!

8| As a courtesy, we request that anything related to a new episode of the show be avoided for a minimum of one day after the episode airs on TV, by CST (Central Standard Time)'s clock. This grace period is to give everypony a fair chance to watch the episode(s), as everyone's schedules are different. To clarify, this means discussion, freshly-debuted characters, and new abilities/personality traits of existing characters are prohibited until 24 hours after the episode airs on television in the CST time zone. This includes information leaked or released far in advance--if the episode containing the information/ability/character/etc. has not aired, it is not allowed, period.

We follow a strict 'Check your Drama at the Door' policy. This means all OOC drama, trolling, personal issues, and the like should not be dragged IC, and all IC drama should not be dragged OOC. This is a roleplay chat for fun, after all! If you can't keep unnecessary, non-plot related drama out of here, we will be forced to keep you out in its stead. Discipline typically follows this path:

-Verbal Warning(s)

-Kicked from Room
-Temporary Ban (anywhere from 1-72 hours based on severity)

-Permanent Ban

 Please do keep in mind that particularly severe infractions can lead to more severe measures faster if deemed necessary by our staff. If you wish to appeal a ban or feel that a room leader was unprofessional, please message a member of administration (whether online or not) with logs of your incident, and they will be happy to review it and lift your ban if deemed unjust.



Group News



- 1/12/2012 -

Sequin officially joins the Moderation Crew.

- 12/18/2011 -

Lady Gerog officially joins the Moderation Crew.

- 11/1/2011 -

Fairy Tail officially joins the Moderation Crew.

- 09/28/2011 -

Lunar Memories creates the Friendship is Magic group

Celestial Memories joins as Co-Owner

Fire Song joins the Moderation Crew.

Pinkie Pie joins the Moderation Crew.

Jack Trades joins the Moderation Crew.

Umbra Eclipse joins the Moderation Crew.




=Roleplay Events=


=Exclusive Character Contact Information=

(Refer to Rule #4 above for information)

~Princess Celestia~

Celestial Memories

~Princess Luna~

Lunar Memories

~Princess Cadence~

Cadence Memories

~Shining Armor~

Shining Armor

~Alicorn Twilight~

Twilight Memories

~Nightmare Moon~

Nightmαre Moon


Auditions will open soon!

~Queen Chrysalis~

Changeling Queen

~King Sombra~

King of Darkness



Room Authority and Contact Information




Lunar Memories

Celestial Memories

Cadence Memories



Pinkie Pie

Twilight Memories


Nightmαre Moon





Feel free to send any questions you may have, to the above, or anyone in the room with a hammer.



If you have any suggestions, complaints, or even general inquiries; please to not hesitate to request my audience. I promise to do my best to make this group as pleasant as possible for everyone involved!

-Lunar Memories




This group would not be possible if not for the dedication and service of the following individuals. Your service will be honored.