This room is for smut-friendly individuals to Chat, Roleplay and Network.


This room exists as a place free of sexual persecution.


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Changes as of: 9/16/2020

Room OwnerSamuru 

Suggestion box: Anonymous Suggestions/ Complaints:

*Please make sure that if you utilize the above you are thorough in your suggestions or complaints. Unfortunately things like "Go back to the old kinks rule" doesn't help us much.

—If you're using the complaints or suggestion box to appeal for another users unban, please refrain from doing so and approach a staff member directly. We are finding that information is being miscommunicated in this manner. Thank you. 


 Room Rules 



**UPDATED: 9/16/2020
1) Casual Smut moderators are not the RPH police: It is unreasonable to expect the casual smut moderation team to take action against things that have happened in PMs, on discord, and in other rooms. Enforcement of rules will be based strictly upon what has taken place in the room itself. The moderation team recommends healthy use of the block feature if you are unable to coexist with someone or PMs from them are unwelcome.

2) Heated/interruptive arguments and sensitive language: At a moderator's discretion, sensitive topics or discussions that appear to have become unfriendly in nature may be broken up. The nature of this rule means that there is a degree of judgment and interpretation involved, but if the chatting parties want to continue a discussion after a moderator has asked it to be stopped, they are welcome to do so in another room or private messages. Common topics that are likely to invoke enforcement of this rule include politics, religion, violent crimes, atypical gender and so forth. These topics are not banned, and may be discussed if kept in a friendly and uninterruptive manner, but once complaints roll in or a moderator has decided the air of the room has become uncomfortable, action may be required. Likewise, racist, sexist, etc slurs are allowed only when used toward oneself or a friendly party. Similarly, if complaints start rolling in, it's a mod's duty to step in against the use of whatever word or slang is involved.

3) Do not post logs, "dox," and so forth into chat: If you want to send these things to someone in PM, go for it. We're not the RPH police. But do not post these things publicly in the room. If it involves moderator action or a report, send them to the moderators involved directly.

4) Chat during roleplay: Casual Smut is intended as a forum for both in-character and out of character chat. This means that players will not be told off for chatting when posts are being made, and roleplayers are absolutely not to be told to stop in order to further conversation. If posting somehow bothers you, block the posting party for the evening. If people are actively attempting to interrupt your roleplay, ignore them/block them and continue to post as if they never had.

5) Links, "zalgo text" and general spam: Casual Smut moderators will not moderate links (outside of the illegal - child pornography and the like obviously will not be tolerated) and cannot be responsible for what is posted in them. Click at your own risk. Zalgo text and multi-line chat spam are not allowed.

6) The mod team, as a complete team, may operate outside these rules when necessary. A list of rules cannot be expected to be applied to every situation. During unusual circumstances, if the mod team is able to agree as a whole on an action that does not necessarily fall within the rules above, then action will be taken as the team has deemed fit. These unusual circumstances should never be "decided" by a single moderator, but through the team as a whole.
**7) Profiles that depict minors in an explicitly sexual manor: Any profile that uses sexually explicit images of minor characters, or expresses their character is under the age of 18 and meant for the purpose of SMUT is no longer allowed. Any and all smut/sex oriented profiles are to be of characters aged 18+. You will receive one official warning regarding this new change. If you proceed to bring in underaged characters for smut you will be banned.

1) You have the right to play whatever you want. Any Scene/Character/etc


2) Any kink means any kink. Scat, Vore, Gore, Bestiality, and all other kinks are more than permissible; enjoying in them is your right. 

   *So long as it doesn't conflict with the rules.


3) You have the right to choose who you RP with. No one gets to make that choice for you.


4) You have the right to block anyone you want. Troll, Moderator, Spammer, Owner, Anyone


  Note: It is not suggested you block a moderator or owner. 



5) You have the right to be free of ridicule or persecution for your sexual preferences.


Reporting Problem Persons

1. Moderators are not required, or expected, to watch the room continously (Though they are sternly encouraged to do so when they can.), only to respond in a timely and appropriate manner to complaints from group members.


2. For any problem that can not be solved by blocking the person that is upsetting you, screencap any evidence and contact a group moderator via PM.


   Tip: Screencaps can be uploaded to or for easier sharing.


3. If you can not reach a group moderator, or a group moderator is unable to resolve your issue, you can send an offline PM to a group owner for resolution when they are next available.


   Tip: To give your issue the best chance of being addressed, be sure to include the screencap and send a copy to all group owners and moderators.


4. If a group owner is your problem, please find a level headed way to talk to them. Trying to spite, argue, or make matters worse in general is never a good thing.


Trending Issues

(Updated 4/22/2020)

The following are issues which have become a greater concern due to the frequency with which they occur in the room.  

Please be aware of them and know that the moderators may be quick and heavy handed in responding to such incidents.

These rules are still up for revising.





Joining the room or ongoing conversations for the sole purpose of stirring the pot. Instigating drama further, baiting drama, or anything of the sort is no longer tolerable. 



Donate to RPH Pings:

Spamming/trolling/purposeful misuse of this ping will get you banned. Knock it off.

and before the "just remove it" wah wah, it doesn't matter. You're being a dick by pinging the people who still have it. Stop.












Bans and Appeals

(Updated 12/20/15)

Logs are needed as evidence for a ban. The logs must clearly show the offense.


Bans don't have to be permanent and can be appealed by an owner. 


Only an Owner can lift a ban they have not personally put in place.


And to open up on the subject more, if you (Moderator) feel that you banned someone unfairly or for some reason that is your fault, you are able to unban that person. But you cannot unban people who you have not banned yourself unless you're given permission form the person who banned that person or an owner.

Do not unban someone you have not personally banned without permission.


CYA for Moderators

(Important for new mods)


1. All mods should be neutral in their decisions. Do not even think about being a mod if you're going to find yourself in a position to engage in favoritisim. You will be stripped of your hammer if you're holding your friends over all in your decisions. You should be treating everyone equally and punishing them equally.   



2. New Moderators are subject to a 30-day period to see how they handle their hammer. If they are found to be abusing or ignoring issues then they will have it taken away. 


3. Unless the offense is incredibly bad, at least give a kick/warning before a ban.


4. Do not make a decision without logs. Logs are evidence and are incredibly helpful not only to staff but for the room as a whole.


   Tip: It never hurts to send your screencaps or notes to other moderators/owners. You might not be online when trouble arises again.



5. Before committing to an action, it's good to get a pulse from the room. Ask some others if the offending party is causing a problem. It could be the case that you've stepped in on an inside joke or another case where the involved parties are simply strange folk having fun in their own strange way. If no one has a problem with it, but you you can probably let it slide.


6. When kicking, fill out the reason text. Don't forget, they may have blocked you or might not be paying attention.


7. Send a copy of the screencap to all group owners and group moderators. Remember, they may appeal the ban later and you might not be online.


8. If you're ignoring issues. Your hammer will be taken up. Temporarily or Forever.


9.  RPH tools is necessary and required by all mods. 


             Communication is important. This goes for everyone. Screenshots are necessity.

(This needs to be enforced more.)