The Church of Smut


Slut: a person of any gender who celebrates sexuality and believes that sex is nice and pleasure is good for you - Dossie Easton


The Founding Members

The Church of Smut is a pseudo-religious order which seeks to spread the ideals created by the angel and demon pair which founded it after finding peace in the mutual experience of sexual pleasure.

The Purpose

The church seeks to spread a few radical ideas.  They are as follows:

1. Sex not a sin.

2. Sexuality is one of the greatest joys in life, to be embraced as a fount of life and of love.  

3. Sexual tolerance and understanding are as noble a pursuit as the of love and peace and more than remotely connected to the longterm spread of both across the Earth.


Why Smut?

It is tradition that the members of the church mark themselves with smut (A smudge made from black ashes) the ash was once the remains of those that sacraficed themselves in the service of the church.  Today, the remains are seldom used, but the symbolism is still important.



Love, Peace, Tolerance

Sex, Cuddles, Fun


The Covent

The Astronauts of Sexuality


For those who don't like too much fluff with their smut.


The Choir

The Astronomers of Sexuality


For those that don't necessarily want pure smut.


'Cus some people just want to get an orgy going.


Place: You primarily play in the public chat.  


Role: IC you'll operate either at the Church or as a frontline soldier during one of the crusades, often with the support of your fellow church members.



'Cus some people just like to talk in a sexually open enviroment.

Place: You primarily play in the public chat.  

Role: IC you'll operate at the church and behind the frontlines during one of the crusades, supporting your fellow church members. 


'Cus some people like to focus their efforts on a private one-to-one basis.


Place: You primarily play in PMs and private rooms.


Role: IC you'll operate solo most frequently, venturing outside the church to spread it's word to new places and ears. On crusades you will be charged with operating ahead of the frontline.



'Cus some people have done it all for so long not much excites them anymore or are just so exotic they don't fit in the mainstream.

Place: You primarily plain in PM's and private rooms.

Role: Specialist kinksters called on for their expertise in extremely odd cases and tired sex veterans called on for their timeless wisdom. 


Though both sides of the church work toward a better world for all, the Covent takes a more hands-on approach than the choir.  Members of the Covent typically lead by example, spreading their ideals through interaction with others.



To be blunt, the Covent is where members of the church that simply love to suck and fuck anything sexy usually end up.  They make up the front line "combatants" of the church's sexual crusade.



Only church members that have proven themselves particularly adept at sex may join the Covent.


Senior Members 

Focused on the physical acts of sex.  The senior members of the Covent are sexual dynamos. These are the grizzled warriors of love that serve as the front line of the Church.


The Garden

The covents private section of the church is aslo called the Covent or Garden and has been blessed with a multitude of sexually charged flora and fauna.  Generally new members are expected to spend a night in the garden without shelter or clothes.



Though both sides of the church work toward a better world for all, the Choir takes a more hands-off approach.Members of the choir typically assist others to better themselves, giving advice, listening to confessions and encouraging good deeds.



To be blunt, the Choir is where the less actively sexual members of the church tend to settle.



Any member that joins the church may be a part of the choir.  In the case of some members it is the only option.


Senior Members

Focused on the scholarly aspects of sex, the senior members of the choir are founts of sexual experience and knowledge.


The Library

The Choir's private section is called the Library.  It is a maze like underground chamber, roomy and well lit.  It's many walls are lined to the brim with books, discs and scrolls about sexuality.



(Additional Facilities Need to be added)

The Fountain Courtyard

At the center of the church is a radial courtyard; a full acre of tall, green grass surrounding a simple water fountain.  At the base of the fountain, the shallow wading pool is littered with coins of various demoninations.  All "Donations" to the church are contributed here.  All are free to take what they wish from the fountain, but there is a longstanding myth that having an orgasm inside the fountain waters brings good luck and few find it easy to peddle coins smelling of a thousand strangers past good times.

The Mini-Bar

Some of the newer church members maintain a secret bar outside the temple grounds where they gather to drink booze and be merry.  The bar is not well looked upon by many members of the church, but even the most skeptical accept that it is here to stay.

Confessional Booths

Used for privacy between a member of the church and a visitor.

Members of the Choir use this to listen to confessions and give advice.

(Conversations can be carried in to PM for this occasion)  

Members of the Covent use the booths for confessions and to give incentive through sex and teasing.

Discipline Chambers

Something between a dungeon and a therapist lounge. The catacombs beneath the church are not always as they appear.  Decorated to resemble a sexual dungeon, every inch is kept scrupulously clean to ward off disease.  The walls are decorated with the bones of the former owners, (They would have wanted it that way) chains, hooks, whips, dildos, masks, shackels, etc.  Sessions are generally held in private between 2-3 persons.  The rooms intended for entertaining the darker kinks are usually designated by the inclusion of a "Safe Corner" This corner is usually painted white and contains a small bed for after-play and other BDSM related activities.


Many members of the Church choose to accept certain technological and magical enhancements to their bodies to assist them in their tasks.  Though members of the Covent receive the most "Boons" on average, the outliers in the Choir can sometimes take so many that they become unrecognizable.

The following list contains only examples.  Boons can easily be tailored to suit the recipients tastes.

Tentacle Familiar

Using a special bodily rune, the recipient is given certain properties of a tendril.  This may take the form of a new appendage or an enhancement of an existing one.  Still others, choose to have their Familiar seperate from their bodies, summoning it on any convenient surface when needed.



A runic tattoo which allows the bearer to expand certain body parts to greater size. Traditionally the breasts or bottom are used.  Results in a phantom pregnancy allowing prodigious quantities of restorative milk to be produced.

(More Boon Examples Needed)


 (These names are not official yet. They will likely be changed.)

Please note, roles are not restrictive.  You may choose to incorporate parts from any role.  These are just guidelines.

Alter Child: Those not yet fully iniated in the the church.  Those not yet sexually mature typically fall in to this category, though members that have proven themselves in the eyes of a a higher order ( See the Covent or the Choir) may remain here indefinently.


Platonic Peaceniks

People who hold the values of the church at heart, but are not able to or not willing to engage in the sexual aspects regularly.


Barbarous Sluts

Those who aren’t so strong on the values of the church, but attend anyway because they like frivolous sex.



Members of the Covent who have the skill of a master, but not necessarily the sexual stamina or sexual drive to participate in indiscriminant love.  They tend to focus on spreading the churches way to others on an individual basis and often venture outside the church to seek out converts.



Members of the Choir that specialize in helping others by listening and giving advice.    They often specialize in helping others to have healthy and harmonious sexual lives and relationships.


Sexual Dynamos

Those members of the Covent who surf through orgies on a wave of sperm.  They’re not particular about who they have sex with and their sex drive is such that they happily take partners back-to-back for hours on end.



Those members of the Choir who are enthusiasts in the most exotic and unusual of kinks.  

  Joining the Church

(Working on this.  I'd like it to give options for those that just want to pop in, those that want to be involved, but don't want to commit and those that want to strongly commit and need to be vetted)

Profile Requirements: 1 Full Picture  (Nose to Toes/Tail/Tentacles), 1 Link to the Group Information in your profile, Basic Character Details (Everything a person must know to interact with your character)

Language/Posting Requirements: We have no hard requirments, but realize that people may not wish to play with you if your Play Style or Language Profficiency are too drastically varied.  Please don't make a big deal out of it if you're turned down because of this, it happens to us all eventually.