W e l c o m e  t o  O u r  G r o u p .
Welcome to Foodtopia! A place where you can roleplay as any type of food you like, from any type of cuisine. 

Food = Something that nourishes or sustains in a way suggestive of physical nourishment.
Topia = Derived from Utopia which is pretty much paradise.
Foodtopia = Food paradise!

Foodtopia is a city full of restaurants. Whether it's Japanese, German, American, or even Russian cuisine, you can be rest assured you'll find the food you're craving as well as ones you didn't even know you wanted. 

 O w n e r s / M o d e r a t o r s .  



























R u l e s .
 1. We have a 100% no drama policy. If you bring drama into the room, you'll be kicked or banned, depending on the offense. No one gets more than three tries, otherwise they will be permanently banned. Bannable offenses are: Trolling, sex in the room, disrespect to an owner or moderator, excessive language, and rudeness.

2. There won't be any doubles. Let's be real you guys, there are millions of foods in the world, and hundreds of countries. Be creative, and don't get mad if someone else has the name you want. You can literally choose anything! If you don't get "Chocolate" you can try "White Chocolate" and if you don't get "Taco" you can try "Chalupa." It's easy!

3. No sex in the room. It's lewd and no one wants to see that. Kissing and a bit of light touching is okay, but if it's going to get heavy, then please take it to PM.

4. You're allowed to curse, but keep it at a minimum. Unless you're in character, there's no need to say fuck every other word.

5. There is a character limit. You are only allowed to have up to three characters at a time in the room. If you make an alt, we have to know that it's your alt, even if no one else does. This is to make sure that it's fair for everyone, no need to go hoarding six names just so that no one else gets them.

6. Any type of food is allowed! Anything from drinks, condiments, ingredients, meals, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and cakes. If it's edible, it's allowed.

7. Absolutely no trolling. I don't think anything else needs to be said about that. 

 P l o t l i n e .  

The magnificent urban city, the melting pot, the dwelling for diversity, has fallen into the hands of ruthless gang leaders and criminals alike. There was once a time when everyone was able to live peacefully, managing their own small businesses and food chains. But now, it seems as though the major differences in culture, personality, and land ownership has caused conflict within the divisions. The murder count rises day by day as violence and drug trafficking becomes more prominent.

But why? What kind of horrid passion drives these people to go against one another in such a ruthless manner? Is it because of hate for another ethnicity? Is it for money, property, or just to make a name? Everyone seems to have their own personal reasons.

Either way, one thing is for sure…thing are going out of hand. The Civilians and Police population has decreased dramatically. If they cease to exist, who will control all the havoc?

Well… we’ll just have to see.

Until then, whose side are you on?










C h a r a c t e r s  L i s t .
 If you're not on this list, please contact Pho! 


The 'Bad' Guys:

North America– Nesquik, Ketchup, Memphis Ribs, Doritos

South America- Taco

Europe– Afternoon Tea, Konijn met Bier

Asia– Pho, Baozi, Flammulina Velutipes

The Middle East  - Curry


Russia- Absinthe


The 'Good' Guys:

Civilians – Ice Cream, Kiwi

Cops – Croissant, Rosewater, Honeydrop, Bacon, Steak, Eggplant!, Beer, Sashimi-chan, Salad


The Neutrals: 

Hash Brownies, Vitamin Water, Spicy Salsa, Everclear, Bubble Gum, Strawberry Pocky, Expresso