Welcome to the..

I'm Princess.Daisy, your host!
All characters from childhood games to recently released games are welcome in the room.
It does not matter if you are from Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft... or whatever! If you're a video game character, you're welcome in here! Our goal is to have a relaxing and friendly environment.

This room is for socializing and finding others who enjoy video games. We're roleplay friendly, but not roleplay enforced. Please come with your ideas, but don't expect others to entertain you!

Please respect others in the room, including the owner and mods. We're all here to enjoy ourselves, whether it's through idle chit-chat or roleplaying. Keep the room a fun place to be by being considerate to others.

We have some simple rules to follow.

1. Do not speak poorly of someone or their character when they are not in the room.
2. Keep drama at the door.
3. Do not spam the room.
4. No smut in the room.
5. Roleplay is fine. If it meets multi-paragraph level and there are people talking in the room, please take it to PM.
6. Please join the room on a video game character name. (Doubles are allowed.)

First offense is met with a warning, second is a kick, and then third is a ban.

Feel free to ask the group owner (me!), the moderators, or the group members themselves for help! (Sorry, we're not looking for anymore moderators.)

Owner - Princess.Daisy
Co-Owner - Princess Zelda
Moderator - Ike
Moderator - Mario
Moderator - Princess Peach!

Thanks for checking out the group!

(Group layout made by Princess Zelda, content written by Princess.Daisy and with Princess Zelda's help.)