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The world you wake up in now has finally come to life. Over time, all the things you have ever heard of or known to be, are showing their true faces. It is the year of 2023. Time and space have been pulling on one another for some time now. Creatures have been born, monsters created, and entities are active. They have all been pulled into our world slowly and now they roam the surface of the world. Some wish to tame them all. Others wish to gain ground with them and become friends. To create a peace. Others wish to destroy them all. To rid them of their existence and live without fear. Your path is your own. 

Your adventure is growing in this world. Your purpose is your own and your past is what you have made it to be. But it has lead you here. Take your journey wherever you feel it should go. But know this. The world around you will not change if you do nothing. Creatures will come for you. Others will try to kill you. Take hold of your destiny to create the world you believe should exist.

Our purpose is to do whatever it takes to make peace within our world. To make sure that upon saving it, we do not cause war. We do not cause panic. And we do not cause our on destruction.

There are 6 realms within existence. The first realm is where the normal world lives. Humans dwell here, oblivious to the barrier surrounding them. This world could be seen as the center of the 6 realms. On the outer rims are 5 other realms that consist of their own separate creatures and entities that are typically imagined by the human world, but never truly interacted with. The thoughts and ideas of humanity spawn from the link between realms that border our world. The few instances of sightings and rumors that have been pushed off as superstition or tall tales, are truly the glimpses into the other realms without knowing what they really see.

 But for some reason unknown, the barriers have become weakened. The different realms have begun to spill out their own creations into this world. Creatures being discovered. Godlike creatures appearing. Monsters roaming free in this world. At first it was few and not noticeable, but over time it has gradually increased and now to this day, the barriers are completely shattered. The world is in chaos. More and more appear every day. Falling through the gaps. 

The 6 realms were divided with the strongest and most powerful creatures being separated to create a balance for other worlds to exist without fear. This is the 6th realm. The 5 realms after this are placed within a ranking system. The 5th realm as simple creatures. The 4th realm as the more civilized creatures, but they are still among the savage. The 3rd realm has the more advanced creatures. Those that can cause the most damage without seeming to overstep the boundaries of power. Then there is the 2nd realm. This is where the truly gifted creatures and more superior creatures are born. Those built to rule, but that is why they were separated from the others. The last is the 1st realm. That which was never to be opened. This realm contains powers beyond the normal minds of humans and makes it impossible to stand up to their power. They are the rarest and said to be nothing more than myths and legends. They are the true gods of the realms. Built to never be stopped.

This is still a WIP.