Some Rules

01. No drama will be tolerated in the Yu-Gi-Oh! room. IC interactions stay IC. If you have an issue with someone OOC, please either speak in PM to each other about it or bring it to the attention to a mod if you cannot find a resolve. It is understood that many people vary with personality and such may clash with others but we're all adults here so let's be mature about this.

02. Be respectful of other players. Do not troll/harass, do not passively cause conflict, do not insult one another. If this behavior is witnessed, you will have one warning. If you need to be told again, you will be kicked. Third time is a charm, you'll be banned. If you are banned, there may be a possibility of you returning if the mods agree on such.

03. Doubles of characters are allowed. It doesn't matter who was in the room under what character first so don't think you're superior to another. With that being said, all Yu-Gi-Oh!-verses are welcomed so there are plenty of characters to chose from.

04. No OC's allowed. No Mary Sues or character rip-offs. The only exception to this rule is Miw due to her character frequently visiting the room before the rule was set. Duel Monsters and Duel Monster cards are allowed. If it's in a monster form, you can gijinka the form to be humanized.

05. Crossover characters are allowed within the room. Try to keep the focus on Yu-Gi-Oh! since this is a Yu-Gi-Oh! room.

06. Sexual roleplay is permitted but strongly encouraged to take it to a PM if room activity is at a high. We do not discriminate with sexual orientation.

07. No chat speak/short hand writing. Write out your words.

08. Do not excessively hog names in chat. If you're going to make a lot of names, please actually use them when logged into the room. There has been an issue in the past where players would do this just to get attention with no intent of actually using the character constructively.

09. Please be respectful in the room if a serious roleplay is taking place. This doesn't happen 'too' often, but it does occur. I ask that you don't scroll excessively, nor interrupt the roleplay rudely.