1. Don't be a Sontaran. Let's all play nice.
2. Have an appropriate profile.
3. Don't bring in-real-life drama into the room
4. DM mods/owners with any issues.
5. Fitting OC's are welcome.
6. No doubles excluding 10.2 (his clone)
7. The group may expand universes, but they will be restricted and still being thought upon.



The Whostory

The Doctor is not from Earth, he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey. The Time Lords were considered to be one of the oldest and most powerful races in the universe. Sometime in the future the Time Lords went to war against the Daleks and lost, the Doctor is the only known survivor. That is, until The Master.

This Storyline is all the Doctors still exist as they can travel through time. We are not making a paradox for that, at least. All companions as well.

I think I will fill out the rest later and get The Master's input because I have writer's block.