1. Only Dangan Ronpa characters may interact in the room with actions even if guests are allowed to spectate.


2. People who decide to participate in continuity may only do so if there's a free spot for their character at the moment, and if they go inactive someone is able to claim their spot and act from where the continuity is at.


3. If you are killed or executed, you may not participate in the rest of the continuity for that month. Every continuity will start at the beginning of every month, and every end of month will have the result. The current continuity progress is seen on the right part of the group, with grey icons being roles not claimed for that month and X-covered faces being characters who were killed that month.


4. The continuity includes every character from both games plus Zero stuck in the school. The SDR2 setting is not to be used, and SDR2 spoilers are not to be spoken until the game has been out for a while. Additionally, to kill someone you must submit a murder to Monokuma which will need approval before it comes to light that that character has been killed. After which, a Class Trial may be held, and the murderer will have the chance to win. If the Class Trial is not held, the continuity continues as if the murderer had been caught, and executed to ensure things keep going even if people can't gather for the Trials.


5. Clean and sexual roleplay is allowed. Lewd or not lewd doesn't matter, you're free to RP as you please.


6. Whoever wins a Class Trial and escapes will be allowed to have moderator status to show their participation. If they misuse that, the power will be revoked.

7. Whoever wants to participate in the continuity will need to ask Kyouko Kirigi and have a section on their profile state their current status in the current continuity: Alive, Killed or Inactive (Inactive being not in that month's continuity but participating otherwise.)

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