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Welcome to the Temple of Eternal Joy. Here is the place the Order of Eternal Joy dwells.


The Order of Eternal Joy is a cult to the worship of happiness. This means they identify with no deity but will have cordial relations with any non-apocalyptic god or goddess. Their ranks consist of hermaphrodites of various states. Some of course were born into the order and born into the bodies they have, other undergo a secret rite and their bodies will be blessed into that form. The form represents a commitment to the service of all things, male, female, or in-between, but it certainly doesn't mean that is their only form. An experienced enough priestess is also able to take his/her original form too.


The Primary tenet of the Order is service towards happiness. Their goal is to guide everyone on the path towards their happiness with the caveat that it minimizes impact towards other people's. For example they will not provide encouragement to someone with homicidal tendencies. What they can offer obviously varies per member, but they generally believe that bringing people closer together in understanding is the best way to go.


The Order is extremely amorous towards one another believing intercourse leads to the best understanding between people and those in the Order have no boundaries with one another. That includes the normal boundaries of parents and children and siblings. They also advocate that position. They also love everyone and everything and have no qualms with sharing themselves with anyone or anything provided it won't interfere with their happiness.


Physical Attributes of those in the Order


Hermaphroditism - All members of the order are Herms. 


Gender Separation - A member can take the form of their original gender for the sake of their mission or their own comfort.


Advanced Healing Factor - The members of the Order enjoy nearly instantaneous healing usually before pain rec. Their excrements (Breast milk, Sperm, Vaginal leakage) also provides this for a limited time to anyone in contact or consuming those fluids. This property also prevents a member of the Order from succumbing to Vampirism.


Sterility - Other than in very specific circumstances, members of the Order cannot give or bear children. Their sexual excrements also provide this property to others they are with for a short time.


Stamina - Blessings of the Order gives the members inhuman stamina. They still have the need to sleep regularly.