Mirai Nikki






       Mirai Nikki (literal translation: Future Diary) is first and foremost a game. A game between 12 people, which Deus Ex Machina set up to choose its successor as god of time and space.


       These players are called 'diary holders', and are numbered from First to Twelfth. Diaries allow their holders to see up to 90 days in the future, with new entries automatically added at certain times.


       Each diary is different. The focus of its entries is based on the holder.


Every game has rules :

· First, all participants who receive a future diary are forced to compete for the title of god. Those who are inactive in the game can be erased from existence at any moment.

· Second, all diary holders ignore all of the others, so they must first identify their enemies. Even though their diary (profiles), in the meta world (OOC), can be browsed, the information that the character hasn't learned should never be used to gain an advantage.


· Third, there can only be one winner of the game. Of course, if a player dies in one timeline, it doesn't mean he or she died in every other timeline.


· Fourth, as much as interaction between players is for the better of the game, sexual activities are to be kept to PMs or to sexual-themed rooms. Nudity or eroticism (such as to seduce other(s)) is frowned upon, but not banned, as long as it does not go further. Mirai Nikki is an adult manga, without being sexual; keep that in spirit.


· Fifth, due to Deus' power declining, it is possible for duplicates to exist at the same time.


· Sixth, this room has no place for drama and bickering in the meta world. As much as you'd like to debate who is going to win the next baseball tournament, or tell to everyone else your opinion on this or that artist's music, we need none of that.


· Seventh, when there is no RP in the room, diary holders are free to lounge about and talk together, but when there is something going on, it is common courtesy to stop, instead of disrupting the posts.


Currently, we are in the Fourth Timeline. Timelines from 1 to 3 are all canon timelines which have a set route, so we are not playing those.


Amano Yukiteru

Gasai Yuno

Hiyama Takao

Kurusu Keigo

Houjou Reisuke

Kasugano Tsubaki

Mikami Ai :: Ikusaba Marco

Ueshita Kamado

Uryuu Minene

Tsukishima Karyuudo

John Balks

Hirasaka Yomotsu


       As much as rules can be constricting, remember that this group is only meant to gather likeminded roleplayers. For more information on the actual setting, feel free to browse the (very small) Mirai Nikki wiki. Maybe we'll make this longer and include that information ourselves later on, but for now, feel free to join, and we'll see where things go.