Welcome to BLEACH: Tasai, a roleplay dedicated to rewriting the BLEACH experience. This is a roleplay designed entirely for original characters in original plot lines. As far as the stories involved in this group go, the canon characters of the series created by Tite Kubo never existed. The structures remain, however, and the history of the world is different.


The main setting of the group will be in the Soul Society, with a Gotei 13 comprised entirely of original characters. You are welcome to create shinigami, aristocrats, and citizens of the Rukon District; we are leaving the world open for you to explore. Though we are keeping the structures established by the canon (the Seireitei, the Rukon District, Gotei 13, Central 46, etc.) we will be exploring what the Soul Society would be like if it had taken a different path.


Consider, for example, a Soul Society that chose to remain in closer touch with the world(s) of the living. What if technology from the human world were slowly allowed into the world of the dead? Imagine a Soul Society that might have never ordered the mass-extermination of the Quincies.


This group will explore any and all possibilities with plot and without. Enjoy things as we work together!

  • 十一


  • 十二


  • 十三


  • SRDI


First Division

Captain (Captain-Commander): Watanabe Monsairaku

3rd Seat: Tatsuhiko Ryo

Second Division

3rd Seat: Chikaramake Rin

Third Division

4th Seat: Saitoh Umeki

Fourth Division

Captain: Kusuribako Kaibou

Fifth Division
Sixth Division
Seventh Division
Eighth Division
Ninth Division

Captain: Rikuna Kagerou

5th Seat: Hoshiharu Ryuunosuke

Tenth Division
Eleventh Division
Twelfth Division
Thirteenth Division

Soushireikan: Kuonji Shido

Keigun - Gundancho: Rokuro Izawa

Kidō Corps
Shinigami Research and Development Institute

Kyokuya Shimitsu