1. The story is loosely based around Elissa's journey through Ferelden, as well as Kirkwall and Skyhold/Haven as well as following Hawke and our Inquisitor. I welcome all players who are NPCs or other Origin story Wardens. HOWEVER. If you want to make a Warden I would prefer them to be ORIGIN STORY Warden's. preferably one from each ORIGIN, for example: only one human noble or Human Mage ORIGIN. There is also the option of the Orlesian Warden :)


Edit: As we're in Kirkwall the inclusion of other characters is key, we do have a ''cannon'' Hawke who is a mage, in the spirit of keeping things fair if someone wants to play as a 'sibling' please discuss it through first, I am sure we can all figure things out. If not there are pleanty of other OC characters out there. 


2. Don't join just for cyber. If it happens in IMs KEEP IT THERE. Do -not- go around asking the characters for sex.


3. Unless two characters decide, relationships have to be -built- ie: Just because you want to be with Zevran, doesn't mean you're going to get what you want. (maybe :p) This goes for friendships as well.


4. Just because you've read a character's profile, does not mean your character knows that information. Unless your character is told IC about some key points, or you have dicussed it with the other player, you will not know.


5. Don't join in with characters that are supposedly all powerful. None of this "Im the best person ever, there is nothing I cannot do!"


6. I'm all for originality. Stepping forward into the setting of the second game and beyond it opens us up to a lot of new options. HOWEVER: I do not want new species created, none of this half dragon half demon, does not happen.


7. Not so much a rule but...if you're playing a half elf they look like humans. No elven ears, nothing. Sorry but I'm a stickler for this :I

Owners and mods






- a list of 'cannon' characters already played -

Warden- Human Noble, Elissa Cousland 

Warden- Elf Mage, Neria Surana

Alistair - Alistair Theirin

Zevran - Zevran the Crow

Isabela - Isabela the Pirate

Warden - Dalish, Lyna Mahariel

Morrigan - Morrigan the Witch

Hawke - Mage, Serah Hawke & Garrett Hawke

Leliana- Leliana!




Any other NPC character or any OC (if you are making an OC no all-powerfuls!)



The RP

As there are many 'versions' of the story, two games, several comics, and DLC I've put into point form the main points in the background of our story, as the 'main' plot points occur they will be added as well.


-The Story thus Far-

Dragon Age 1:

  • i) Human Noble Warden origin is the 'main' warden, however all other origins may exisit with modified story presence. 
  • ii) Redcliff Village was saved
  • iii) Arl Eamon's family was saved
  • iv) The Landsmeet sided with the Warden
  • v) Loghain was killed and Alistair made king.
  • vi) The ritual with Morrigan was -not- completed.
  • vii) The Warden was to be the sacrifice (Alistair however knocked her out and did it himself, thus sacrificing himself to end the Blight)
  • Soldier's Peak DLC:
  • i) The Warden drank the experiment
  • ii) Avernus was spared, but must practice ethically
Dragon Age 2:
i) Mage Hawke is the 'cannon' Hawke
ii) Isabela was -not- turned over to the Qunari



Arrival in SkyHold - It has been 10 years since the end of the fifth blight and the world has fallen into chaos, while she would like to rest and continue her research on the blight and a possible cure for herself, Elissa is drawn away from aiding Kirkwall by a message from her dear friend Leliana, to come to the aid of the new Inquisitor, to help in whatever way she can. Of course she's not sure if this is the best idea for her family, but she cannot leave them behind in Ferelden or Kirkwall. 

Tracking the Wardens - Now that Hawke's sibling has been sent to the south, away from the rest of the Wardens, Hawke is free to track the rest of them, specifically Stroud and Elissa, having heard rumours that something is wrong with them. Hawke's travels take them from the familiarity of the Free Marches, to the unknown terrain of Orlais. He's heard rumors that Varric has gotten himself into some kind of trouble, nothing good can come of that. 

The Inquisition - With the destruction of Haven, and the discovery of Skyhold, the Inquisitor has been chosen. Still there is much tension in the world and they must fight to save it before the breach swallows the world.