Welcome to Lochraven


vig·i·lan·te [vij-uh-lan-tee] 


1.   a member of a vigilance committee.
2.   any person who takes the law into his or her own hands, asby avenging a crime.
3.   men or women wearing conspicuous costumes while fighting crime and causing tremendous amounts of property damage.


 Welcome to the group Vigilante! This is a role playing environment based in a modern day city in the United States. The theme for this role play is modern day with high technological elements as well as strong fantasy elements. Vigilante players get the opportunity to don a mask, hide a secret identity and catapult themselves into a story driven role play where crime, society and even the good guys can be an enemy. Not everything is terrible in the world of Vigilante. The City of Lochraven has a strong history of support for its law enforcement, government job and entertainment and with the aid of the players we hope to make a living city where the action of our heroes will impact the day to day lives of not only one another but the npcs who exist alongside them. The starting group for Vigilante will be small but given time it may expand so feel free to check out the site for more details. As it stands the group will be opening within the next few days. The room will remain open and players regardless of group sign up date are free to open up the room and start role playing if they feel the urge. We encourage group commitment and participation and frown upon douchebaggery. The role playing community can be found at vigilanterp.webs.com. For any questions regarding the group, please see the Forum page or if you're already in RPH Chat track down Kamigawa Keita, or Orion.  We look forward to hearing from you.


 My hope is that each character has a reason to exist and not just a passing interest in things going on. The world I hope to build with everyone is a breathing world that hopefully comes to life when each player is on stage. As of now I am limiting the registration to Six, a variety of male and female. The reality of this group is going to be by and far more mature than the former theme of SoR, meaning that character death is a significant factor, a developmental factor and a very possible event that may happen. I am not out to get your character and character death in my opinion should be treated seriously and serve a significant purpose, as such barring any idiocy that might cause death in a combat situation or otherwise, all deaths will be thoroughly discussed ahead of time with the character who is going to be eliminated. This is a factor of great concern in that I would hate for someone to spend hours upon hours making their profile pretty. If you have the desire to do so then do so at your own risk, do not expect to be able to re-use the character name, to maintain the profile's prettiness. You may of course transfer said pretty to another profile page, etc, however character death is a serious thing that should be held in some level of esteem since after all IT COULD BE YOU!


 Furthermore, the tone of this particular role play is significantly more serious than the previous role plays I have engineered with other people. Serious themes, violence, drug use, blah blah and of course SEX (since we all saw it coming) are significant factors. The role play has all of the serious factors that make feudal life not only interesting from a playing aspect, but from an adult aspect as well. If you have a problem with nudity, sexual advances, homosexuality, heterosexuality, monster...ality? (Not sure the term there) if you have issues with these things do not join this role play, do not read the posts. While sex is not the core value of this story IT IS A POTENTIAL TOOL, WEAPON, HINDRANCE and hey it may even happen when two people love each other very much. I feel like a dope for having to explain this to people, but violence is a mature theme just like sex, if you can't handle either, do not join. Unlike SoR sexually gratuitous scenes may occur IN PUBLIC in so far that it may be posted in the main room. Your character may be sexually assaulted, groped, fondled, JUST AS MUCH as he or she may be stabbed, tortured or lit on fire for the amusement of others.


 Please treat these scenes with the seriousness they deserve, especially if distress, tragedy and emotionally involved scenes take place. I am severely limited the amount of players to start off for the express reason of establishing a strong foundation, so please enjoy a darker, more serious theme that revolves around a fantasy world that's more realistic than outright fantastic. That might not have made as much sense as I had hoped, but more details as they come.