Wealth, Fame, Power.


The man who had aquired everything in this world, The Pirate King, Gold Roger.


The final words said at his execution sent people to the seas.




It was a hot muggy day, on his way to the execution platform. Even with his hands bound, he carried himself with pride. When a boy pushed his way to the front of a croud of people to see the pirate king pass by, the look on the boys face just made his smile grow even bigger. Wealth, Fame, Power. The man who attained everything in this world, Gold Roger. Walking to his death he carried himself with high like a proud warrior. 


Gold Roger: Inherited Will, The destiny of the age, the dreams of the people. As long as people continue to persue the meaning of freedom, these things will never cease!


Guard: Do you have any last words?


Gold Roger: *holds up his bound hands and smiles* can you take this off, its chafing me.


Guard: I cannot do that!


Gold Roger: Why would I run away now? Hmm. Thats a little saddening...*Flops down* well, go ahead and finish it.


Guards: *begin to do their little drill*


Person in the Croud: HEY PIRATE KING!!! What did you do with your treasure? Its somewere on the Grand Line isnt it? you have it dont you? The greatest treasure in the world? 




Person in the croud: your one special treasure! ONE PIECE!!!!!


Gold Roger: *Chuckles, and then starts laughing* My treasure? 




Gold Roger: If you want it, then I will let you have it. Go look for it. I left it all at that place!


Guard: EXECUTE! *Both guards run their long blades through his chest ending his life*


Gold Roger: *Dies with a smile on his face while the croud erupts in cheering*



Men now, chasing their dreams, head towards the Grand Line. The world then enteres a Great Age of Pirates. 


It is currently the Great Age of Pirates. A struggle between countless pirates began while looking for the great treasure, One Piece, left behind by the legendary Pirate King Gold Roger. The boy who became a rubber man after eating the gomu gomu fruit, Monkey D. Luffy, is one of the many adventurers who went out to sea to become the Pirate King. 


Luffy and his companions have already experianced countless adventures. Not even the World Government can ignore their existence any longer. Today, the crew is aiming for the New World and will continue through the Grand Line!




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The Strawhat Pirates



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NO DRAMA - I stomp out Drama Fires like I'm Smokey the Bear. If you are a bringer of Drama you will be kicked and banned. If you start drama and the drama lingers and spreads and spreads...youw ill be dealt with accordingly.


OCs are welcome but have some information readily available about your character like...a profile. We will accept OCs but we will not accept Zoro Clones, or Sanji Clones. And I dont want a bunch of OCs on the strawhat crew. However if you want to sail on Sunny-Go and interact with them you can say your char was picked up adrift at sea, you are paying them back for a favor, or they are giving you a lift, etc etc. Be imaginative, just think like how they did with Zoro's friends Johnny and Yosaku, those guys hung around for two whole arcs.


Doubles are currently up for debate.


I understand that sometimes out minds end up going into the gutter and we want to RP somethign naughty. Not going to lie I am guilty of that myself from time to time but it will not be tolerated in the room. "Get a Room" in other words take it to PM. However there will be NO LENIANCY if a player harasses another player for naughty RP. If a player says no once, they should not have to say no a second time...sure giving the person a reason why you say no would be nice but I will not tolerate "Please, come on, etc"


R-E-S-P-E-C-T FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME!...*ahem* Come on people we're all adults here. I want everyone to get along and not treat one another like poo.


No Trolls If you have fun making fun of people or berating them etc etc...this group is not for you and if you are in the group and doing that, you will be removed.

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