Rules for this group in General:

1) Doubles and non-canons are welcome with respect, as long as they follow the rest of the rules!

2) DRAMA IS NOT ALLOWED. AT ALL IN THE MAIN AREA, UNLESS IN A PLOT DEVICE FOR RP. Tell the Owners or a Moderator if you plan to use such - mind you.

3) For the most part, Gender-benders will be KICKED on sight. Unless used as a prank to punish a misbehaving vampire, no is a no. Okay?

4) Please don't start pairing wars. This is why I'm allowing a lot of doubles to join. Everyone should be accepted, and I hope people will respect one another's decisions.

5) If you don't follow the rules - you risk a reprimand. If repremanded and your name is listed, and not repentant after the week is up, you're off the list. Repeat offenders...

6) ...Will get their names listed in YELLOW. They will have to suffer a kick on sight if they do not follow the rules.

7) Still not listening? Then you get a three day ban once a week in the orange listing, and it lasts three weeks.

8) Really... You wanna piss us off this much? You will get your name off of the member list and will need to regain our trust before we will take you off the RED NAME LIST Basically, you follow the rules or IP Ban follows...


Day Class Handbook - General Student Protocol:


1) No photograhing of the Night Class without their consent! Seriously, respect each other's privacy.

2) Study hard!

3) Remember your curfews!

4) Respect the Prefects and Teachers!

5) TRY to memorize the Academy anthem this year~!


Night Class Handbook - Protocol of Elite Students:


1) No drinking Day Class blood on campus, even if they request it. You'll get a lecture from the Moon Dorm President and/or Vice President, depending on the severity of the offense. The rules only extend to the school grounds for this case. Off-campus; use your better judgement.

2) The right to go on errands is a privalege during the day or night. This means it may be taken away for a number of reasons, but you will know when you're trusted. When exiting, use the discreet entrance unless accompanied by a Prefect, or the Headmaster. In case of emergencies, the Dorm (Vice) President can sign a waver to ensure your best behavior.

3) Make sure to go above and beyond in displaying acts of friendship to the Day Class.

4) If we do have guest speakers that don't smell human - treat them with the same respect of a Prefect. In the off-chance that they are stronger, it will be a wise choice to have their help in trying times.

5) No sneaking in the nurse's office for any spying on medical files. This rule may be accounted for by H.Aidou's past behavior.

More to come.









 Welcome all Night and Day Class students
 Welcome to the Vampire Knight group of RPH! Follow these rules so we don't have to dole out punishments, and please have some reference to VK if you are NOT of this universe. Thanks, enjoy your stay!

Oh, don't forget to check your handbook, Night Class members; it's important! 




 Follow these rules obediently!
Senri Shiki
Zero Kiryuu




 Contact Information!

10th of May, 2011 - 1st PLOT RP Planning Done!
Date: TBA! 

The headmaster is hosting a ball soon. It's a school-wide

event, to celebrate the Night Class' comeback to the campus,

as well as a fundraiser to make sure that everyone can show

off their best... Arts, crafts, and even cooking to save on

the food bills and promote friendship... I just don't think

it will end well...

Senri Shiki: Ask for AIM, Y!, Skype and MSN by privates.