Welcome to The Religious Composite! This is a roleplay group created for the anthropomorphic personifications of philosophical ideals and religious concepts. This means we take concepts from religion (such as Hell, Lucifer, Zeus, or even Cerberus) and turn them into a 'humanized' or 'gijinka' versions of themselves. We are a fairly violent group, full of blashphemy and sordid concepts the world might be better off without; if this offends you feel free to fuck off! Beyond this however, we're a fairly fun group who likes people, so check out our rules below and see if this place is a-okay for you!


All characters have to be ran by Hell before they're approved.

To apply for this group, it will be required that you have a working knowledge of what you want to play. This is to prevent people from coming in and playing things like Baal ( the prince of hell one, not the title given to multiple gods/goddesses ) as a goody-twoshoes God loving brat rather than a Legion commander. This means that you will indeed have to research it a little bit - don't bitch.


To get approved, you have a three-day 'grace' period ( no pun intended ) in which you can come in and roleplay your character as much as you want with the group. If there's any issues that come up during this period, you'll be spoken to about it so you can work on fixing it during the remaining time. If you're approved, carry on to the next step.

After the grace period, Hell will either confirm or deny that you're acceptable for the group - or there will be a suggestion for another, open character to be played if it feels like you might be more suited to that one. It's possible to get both an approval and a suggestion.

Once it's been confirmed that you're accepted, you must fill out a profile with basic powers for your character. This is to cut down on power infringement; ie. if someone were to try to say they cleansed people of their sin, that would be taking Purgatory's job. However, religion is a many varied creature; there will be instances in which powers of characters overlap.

You have two days to fill out your profile or your application will be denied til you finish, at which time you can join again, unless someone else takes the slot before you come back. Extensions will be given on a case-by-case basis; if you have a good reason you'll get a week to fill it out. No more than that, sorry. If the profile is approved, you'll be accepted.


Entire characters based on a whole religion will not be allowed. This is because if someone was to make Christianity, it would mean that all characters under that belief system would automatically be incorporated, which is unfair. Philosophies like Taoism, however, are accepted on a case-by-case basis due to the fact that there are no deities, etc, under them.

Anything that isn't a philosophical following, a religious place, entity, or concept is not allowed here. Anything that is similar to a pre-existing character is also barred unless given direct permission otherwise. People like Judas might be allowed, but it has to be approved by all three mods. You'll still have to go through the usual application requirements. The Seven Sins are also a no, as are most Saints. Mythical creatures are also mostly a no, but it doesn't hurt to ask. NO OC'S, PLEASE. There are THOUSANDS to play without making new ones up.  

Places ( ie. Hell, Heaven, Purgatory ) are also a case-by-case basis, and will undergo closer scrutiny than other characters. Being a place could lead to a player trying to force the inhabitants under them to do their bidding, etc. This is considered godmodding and is unacceptable. If you'd like to be a place, please have an extremely good grasp on what you want to do.



HOWEVER; If a religion-related character has more than two sides, and you only want to play one, it's acceptable for another person to pick up the side you will not be playing, so long as you never try to play it.

If a person wishes to make the second half of your, the person wanting to play it must discuss it with you. This is to avoid people getting butthurt if the newest of the two does something to fuck it all up.

If you created the original half of a character, you can request the second person to stop playing their other half. This is to prevent drama and will be handled on a case-to-case basis with enough reason or evidence behind the decision. Hell will back this decision up if need-be.



1. NO DRAMA ALLOWED. If you have a problem with someone, BLOCK THEM. Hell, Ha-Satan and Purgatory are NOT your babysitters; deal with your OOC shit on your own and don't bother the patrons of this room with it.

2. A player can have three characters, max. Their main will always be theirs but it's a loose rule that they come in at least once a month and have a good roleplay on the other two.

3. Sex is NOT allowed in here for recreation. However, since rape is a common torture, it will be allowed but with conditions. You must discuss it with the person you wish to roleplay it with, and it mustn't be so graphic as to actually be a way to get around the 'sex for recreation' rule. Also, if someone is OOC squicked by rape, you either move it to pm or get kicked.  

4. NO GENDERSWAPS. Don't even try it. Hell will eat you with zero regrets.

5. Godmodding is, surprisingly, NOT ALLOWED. If you're rping with someone, use conditionals; "aims to strike him" or "tries to rip his dick off". Allow them a way out if they want it; if they don't, they'll let you hurt them. Also, on the flipside, just because someone gives you a way out, don't always avoid. That's also godmodding and is equally as annoying.

6. NO FIRST- OR SECOND-PERSON STYLE ROLEPLAY. THIRD PERSON ONLY. I would also sincerely prefer present-tense style roleplay; past tense is annoying, hard to comprehend, and feels like a subtle form of godmodding. This is optional but you will be given dirty looks if you use past tense. 


8. If you want to come in and observe how things work, that's FINE. However, we don't allow random characters to come in and roleplay. If you want to do that, make something for the group. People who wish to frequent for 'observation' purposes will be given about three days til they'll be requested to either make a character or leave. 

9. NO JOKE NAMES. This is pretty much an instant kick, especially if coupled with harassment.

10. Bubbles during OOC are required. 

These rules have been made by Hell. They'll be subject to modification, changing, in-room allowances, etc pending on Hell's own approval. Don't bitch if it happens; he made the rules, he can do whatever the fuck he wants with them.


I am versed in Greek and Chinese Myths; Christianity, Buddhism, Atheism, and a bit of Agnosticism; Occultic Subjects, as well as Google-Fu. PM friendly, if you're willing to bind your soul to a contract with me. Or let me eat you.


Versed in Greek, Norse, Japanese, Egyptian, and Christian Myths as well as Occultic Subjects, Google-Fu, and Coding. Please only PM me for business matters or coding help, and note if I am busy I will say so.


Versed in Greek, Egyptian, Christian, Aztec, Native American & the Occult, as well as Google-Fu. Somewhat good at coding; Pergie's better. I'm slow to pm back and frequently idle if I'm busy.