When you think Italy is a rustic and beautiful rural are... all golds and crimsons, dirt roads and beautiful sunsets... you're mistaken. Torn to pieces by the mafia, every square inch is watched and guarded by families. When the rest of the world wants to control you though... when they send their best... and when you can't exactly defend a front on all sides? You rig a nuclear explosion. Power drills, plate tectonics, explosives. Italy broke away from the rest of Europe in one fell swoop to become it's own island, eliminating the opportunity for enemy families to lay siege to their home. War within Italia though still rages, on a smaller scale... Deep in the labs, in the confines of underground businesses-- corporations and industries fund projects that are unknown to the public. Even to most of the mafia. Modifying and changing human kind to sell as weapons, each family trying to buy them to get a leg up on the others. When word spread to the world though, leaks and information getting out, more than just Italians flocked to the Black Market. Power is a terrible and glorious thing, in this day and age... people will kill for it.


[Story by Syracuse and Giada.]



- You will always be IC, unless you clarify with an OOC symbol, unless there's role play.
- No god modding.
- No demonic/magical powers.
- Require a weapon.
- Be open-minded.
- If you have a problem with someone, please talk to Giada, or Dalmazio.


[More will be added as the rooms develops.]


- Looking for only sex
- Flirting all over the place
- Lack of respect
- Talking bad about other rooms
- Lack of a mafia name

[More will be added as the rooms develops.]