Heroes and villains are the basis of every modern day fiction. But this is no fiction: this is reality. This is a universe made up of those who do the fantastic. Some choose to do such in costume, some in teams, some for the safety of the general population and some to gain the ultimate power of world domination. But all have one thing in common: they are far from your ordinary human.


Welcome to the world of Marvel Comics.


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Hello and welcome! Obviously, this is a group for everything Marvel Comics. Any and all Marvel characters are welcome, both canon and original characters included! The only exception to this is purely sexual profiles; sorry, but if the only purpose of your metahuman character is to get some, you'll have to find it elsewhere. Please keep a few things in mind regarding this group: one, we are not an organized group roleplay. All involved are encouraged to do their own thing as they please with or without the rest of the group! It is the individuals' responsibility to find role-play, not the entire group's. However, we will have organized "events" planned at a later date. Two, even if your character of choice is already "taken," that doesn't mean they are claimed for good: you can still join and play that character. After all, not everyone can be active!


There is no set rules for roleplay styles here. You can one-line, crack role-play, multi-paragraph or anything in between to your heart's content. The group does not go by one specific Marvel universe; you can play by the comics, alternate universes, the movies, cartoons, video games, or any combination of all of the above! The only thing I ask is that you take any sexual role-play into private!



We do indeed have a few important rules here that will be enforced seriously. Do not spam, harrass, generally be an idiot or a jerkass, attempt to start e-drama, or do anything else that common sense tells you is a no-no. Also, if you enter the room and idle on a non-Marvel name, you will be kicked out. The group membership is not open for multi-character or general role-play names as well as sexual profiles (read: if you have a Rabbithole, you'll probably be kicked out.) DC or other superhuman-related characters are not welcome at this time.


We are an equal opportunity group as far as knowledge of the canon goes. Because the canon even limited to 616 is so vast and has an immense history, it may be difficult for someone to have read enough comics to portray a character well, and may prefer to stick with an adaptation spanning from a Marvel film, cartoon series, or video game. If this is the case, please do not give the player any flack for it; if you would prefer not to roleplay with them, simply ignore them. Likewise, if someone prefers a comic portrayal of a character and your character is a film version, do not pressure the player to convert to the version you are more familiar with. Every Marvel fan has to start somewhere; you can help by politely suggesting a few particular issues or storylines that a new player might want to check out to get a better grasp.


Regarding original characters, please avoid making your character overpowered or any other traits of a Mary Sue. Protip: If your character is on the same level as any of the more powerful canons, such as Professor Xavier or Phoenix, you're probably doing it wrong. Any original characters who receive multiple complaints will be asked to adjust their character until more suitable for the group. If the administrator considers your character to be borderline acceptable, a second opinion will be sought out by another administrator or moderator. Some ground rules for original characters:

You are not directly related to any canon character.

You are not an Omega-level metahuman of any kind.

You do not have an excessively vast array of powers. One mutation should only result in a few abilities which all span from the same basic concept. When picking powers, please note that while some canon characters may be considered "overpowered" by OC standards are still allowed to be played, that doesn't necessarily mean you can use their powers. If you MUST have a healing factor, for example, it will not be on the same tier as Wolverine or Deadpool's which makes them nigh invincible. If you have superspeed, for another example, you are not faster than Northstar. Just in case it wasn't getting through to you: if your superpower is superstrength, you are not as strong as The Incredible Hulk, who is considered Omega level.

You are not a reality alterer. This is crossing the line of overpowered.

If your character falls into one or more of these categories, you may have some reworking to do before you're accepted or even acknowledged for role-play.


Even canon characters need to use common sense. Be respectful of your fellow role-players and do not insert yourself into a scene without asking to join in on the action. Just because your character is very powerful in canon does not mean you have the right to god-mod; even Jean Grey has to let her teammates do some of the work. If multiple complaints are received about your portrayal of a character (canon or not), you may be kicked out of the group. Doubles of canon characters are allowed and encouraged, so don't be afraid to join even if we already have one of your character of choice!


Please ALWAYS use OOC brackets of some sort to indicate when you are not in-character. It saves a lot of confusion, especially when the room is busy. Don't take what people do or say in-character seriously OOCly, either. Remember that RP is JUST RP and if you have a problem with what someone is doing in-character, you might be confusing the borders of RP and reality.


The most important rule of all, however, is to have fun! Don't be shy and do feel free to start a role-play or chat with anyone you wish regardless of what others are doing. We don't bite. Hard.



Ongoing Plots

The Drifters.

Street-rats, gutter punks, children of a failed system and kids bumming it – despite their various purposes on the street, one fact remains true: they’re there, and leaving doesn’t seem to be an option. In the grand scheme of things, these are the kids who have been forgotten, left as invisible for the remainder of society. Some get by working odd-jobs around cities, and others make con-work their new livelihood – but it remains to be seen what will happen to them in the long run. Most don’t stay in one place for long; too afraid of the ‘system’ for whatever it is worth. They find better peace within themselves for uprooting every so often and making anew somewhere else, thereby losing connections and once more vanishing. On the street, they’re called drifters.

Until now, that word didn’t have a purpose – but various tags have appeared throughout the slums of populated cities, using this name as their mark. They are there, and they will not be ignored. These Drifters have taken such a worthless title and made something of it; they’ve created a dysfunctional family of vigilantes. It is rumored that they are composed of superhuman teenagers – mutants, mutates and everything in between – with the youngest being thirteen years old. Whoever they are, whatever their purpose; their goal seems to be one of united effort: take care of their own, and keep their streets eradicated of trash.



Last but not least, all of the extra stuff!


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