Welcome to the Strike Witches Roleplay Group.


This group is for those who wish to make and play as a Witch or any other person 

 from the pseudo world war two era world. Be aware that if you wish to participate 

 in roleplay, the setting is normally 1944 so make an effort to realise that some 

 things did not exist back then. The group welcomes original characters as well as 

 canon, please read the rules beforehand and keep your original characters within 

 the borders of the universe rules and sensible.


Types of Witches

Air force Witches:

 The most common type of Witch seen, these are the ones that take to the skies 

 with scaled down aircraft engines to fight predominantly large scale Neuroi in the 

 air and for ground support

 Land army Witches:

 The Witches that fight alongside the men in the military using scaled down Tank,

 APC or other armoured fighting vehicles. They are mostly used on the frontlines 

 rather than being dispatched from a base and tend to be much better shielded. 

 Naval Witches:

 Typically rare due to the other wings requiring more Witches than the various 

 navies, but still occasionally around. Mostly used for fire support at long ranges

 as well as escourt duties for large fleets where airborne witches would be out




Sanya -- The OwnerElsie -- The Co-Owner




Much less of a rule more of an information piece. Stike Witches is the name of the 501st wing. Not all Witches are called Strike Witches. Just Witches.

NO DRAMA - I stomp out Drama Fires like I'm Smokey the Bear. If you are a bringer of Drama you will be kicked and banned. If you start drama and the drama lingers and spreads and spreads...youw ill be dealt with accordingly.


OCs are welcome but have some information readily available about your character like...a profile. We will accept OCs but we will not accept clones of other existing characters.


One canon character from each wing per person. This is to keep the wings full of varied people and not just the same person being the entire wing.

I understand that sometimes out minds end up going into the gutter and we want to RP somethign naughty. Not going to lie I am guilty of that myself from time to time but it will not be tolerated in the room. "Get a Room" in other words take it to PM. However there will be NO LENIANCY if a player harasses another player for naughty RP. If a player says no once, they should not have to say no a second time...sure giving the person a reason why you say no would be nice but I will not tolerate "Please, come on, etc"


R-E-S-P-E-C-T FIND OUT WHAT IT MEANS TO ME!...*ahem* Come on people we're all adults here. I want everyone to get along and not treat one another like poo. Meaning dont talk smack about people in the chat, if you have a problem with someone dont let the group know about it or try to win people over to your cause.


No Trolls If you have fun making fun of people or berating them etc etc...this group is not for you and if you are in the group and doing that, you will be removed.


This is an RP group. As such, if RP is going on then its only common kindness to show respect and keep the OOC chit chat to a minimum. If you have the energy to chat randomly then you probably have the energy to type up a post and join in.

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