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Everyone knows what Star Wars is - the galaxy far, far away has done more for the genres of the space opera, science-fantasy, and science-fiction than any other single body of work in literature. Without Star Wars, Star Trek would still be lingering in obscurity, Mobile Suit Gundam wouldn't have beam sabers, the X-Men might never have left Earth, and Harrison Ford would still be a carpenter fed up with trying to get a role in Hollywood. The question for a newbie is less likely to be, "What is Star Wars?" and more likely to be, "Why should I roleplay in the Star Wars Expanded Universe?"

Here's a few answers:

  1. We roleplay every day. Or close to it, anyway, and several days have multiple spontaneous group RPs a day - these are how most storylines progress. Additionally, we frequently have scheduled roleplay events with 'one-shot' plotlines. The Star Wars Roleplay Group is run by people dedicated to enjoying themselves through roleplay, and we are willing to put forth the effort that many people aren't.

  2. We fit a wide variety of roleplay. The expanded universe is extremely flexible; Star Wars contains primitive societies, advanced aliens, thief-acrobats, rough and tumble soldiers, quirky robots, smugglers, hacker geeks, politicians, existentialist clones, magical warrior monks, crime lords, bounty hunters, brilliant scientists and animal-people - and it does so on a coherent framework. As a result we engage in adventure, mystery, investigation, diplomacy, romance, heists, philosophy, and comedy. One-shots, long-term, long-shots, what have you. The only thing we do not service is pure smut.

  3. We are friendly. Roleplay is a hobby. This means that working hard to get the most out of it should be rewarding, but not required. We accomodate roleplayers of many skill levels, and of all levels of familiarity with the canon. And we're very eager to teach those who are willing to learn.

  4. We like to have fun. If you like so-lame-it's-awesome humor with good delivery, you'll fit right in. :D Every month, there's a streaming movie night, where we sit back as a group and have fun as we comment on a flick. They're not all Star Wars related either.

Additionally, you can get a glimpse of many of the long-running plots which we run below - take a look. And if you're still not convinced, we welcome you to sit in on the room and watch us. As a forewarning, we will not be percolating with activity every hour of every day - that's just not practical. But we've got at least some activity every day, and the best way to get to know us is to get to know us. What're you waiting for?

HOURGLASS Protocol | Host: Decibelle | Starting Wed, Dec. 10 | Major Plotline

"Ultimate victory will be mine, whatever the cost."

A dark spectre, a remnant of the former Imperial Empire, is slowly being reborn once more, as former agents, former friends, former companions are all thrust together. Small elements throughout history suddenly become more relevant, as the last, final piece of Darth Sideous' legacy is activated.
Spanning from the Old Republic until the New Jedi Order era, this particular storyline covers a variety of events in each timeline, leading to a deadly conclusion.

1. Please respect others and yourselves. This is the basis of all of the following rules.
2. Canon characters are allowed, but the group's tendency is towards originals, because originals pose fewer potential problems for plot continuity. Please consider thoroughly before taking a canon spot.
3. Be mindful of time. A round of roleplay for a group should ideally take no more than a half-hour, approximately (this typically caps to about 3-5 users, depending). Every minute added significantly lengthens the roleplay. I personally try to be ready to type when the previous person in post order is ready to go. Cutting down on 'filler' text simply used to meet imaginary length requirements helps as well.
4. Make your posts useful. Tying in to the previous rule, each post you make should ideally assist in establishing a character or scene, provide opportunity for other posters' reactions, or move a scene along. This is not feasible every time, all the time, but it is a goal to aspire to.
5. Be legible. Not everyone has the same standards of writing, but the better you are at spelling, grammar, and syntax, the better off the group is. We appreciate the effort - thanks.
6. The room itself will be used for roleplay as much as OoC chatter. A maximum of three 'categories' of conversation should be maintained in the room, and they should be formatted appropriately. Out of Character conversation as a whole is one category, and during a roleplay, should be clearly marked with single or double parentheses. If two group roleplays are occurring, consider cutting down on OoC chatter; if three are occurring, please keep OoC to PM.
7. Group roleplays, when multiple are occurring, should be clearly addressed with a simple header for each post. The first roleplay has the header '@1', the second has '@2', and the third has '@3'. For example, @2 Kaven had rubbed his forehead, groaning. 'Ouch, that hurt,' He had uttered rather subtlely as Jedal had finished loading a clip into a small group of insurgents. If a second, third, etc. roleplay can instead be adequately performed in Private Messages, please head there.
8. Please keep explicit sexual activity out of the main room. A flirt or a quip here and there are both absolutely fine, but let's avoid the room looking like a brothel. Similarly, though some sexual portions of your profile are acceptable - your profile should not resemble porn when taken as a whole.
9. Racist, sexist, and sexual identity-related language should not be used lightly. For example, do not call something 'gay' as an insult and do not use 'nigger' casually. Individual roleplay characters may, themselves, be bigoted; please use such hateful language as sparingly as possible while maintaining the effect of the character. In general, if someone expresses discomfort with your speech, please strongly consider backing down.
10. People have the right at any time to refuse roleplay for any reason. These can vary from "I am not in the mood right now," to "we are overloaded on group size," to "I do not believe your character is appropriate to the scene," among others. Please do not take it as a personal offense, because it most likely isn't. Even if the reason is simply, "Your posts are too poorly written for me to enjoy," understand that it is a criticism of your writing and not necessarily an attack on your person.
11. We do ask that you be as accomodating as reasonably possible to those who would like to join your scene or plotline. Sometimes it is okay to stretch suspension of disbelief a little bit, and sometimes it's alright to deal with a below-average writer. Use your discretion; the point is to have fun. Keep an open mind.
12. Though no topics are barred from discussion absolutely, if a conversation is becoming uncomfortable, consider dropping the matter or moving to PM. If you wish to discuss politics and the people in the room are okay with an honest debate, I mean, go for it. If, however, people are getting terse and unpleasant, move on.
13. If at any time you are uncomfortable, you have the right to speak up, in group or in private message. We like to think we don't bite. Moderators and the adminstrator are always willing to listen if you feel you have no one else.
14. Be chill. Don't freak out over small things. This is the counterweight to the preceding rules. We are here to have fun. Be cool, have fun.
  • Emiliana: "...Please tell me things are good on your end, Aya."

    Aya Milora: Aya shrugged. With Aurabelle ahead, the chance of something taking them by surprise was greatly reduced. "Going well, and not a bad view while I wait..."

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: "The situation is well at hand, Miss Chani, so far." Aurabelle glanced back and frowned. "Though I daresay Miss Milora is more interested in appraising my end rather than her own, «si vous comprenez»?"

    Aya Milora: She flinched back, blinking, smiling in a way equivalent to sticking out her tongue, but not quite so juvenile. "'Tis a fine end."

    Emiliana: "It is a nice rear, Aurabelle, take it as a compliment."

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: "Stop helping. Thank you and please."

  • Dyet Roskov: "Have you considered the fact that the ship lady does not, in fact, want scrutiny Mr. Arden?" she asked as she was at least pleased with the upgrade of status from fucked for sure to merely probably fucked. At this rate, she should be queen of the universe by, oh next lunch.

  • Mallory Jules: "Um... Sergeant? What the hell is that?" Mallory inquired, taking a brief glance at the trooper, then the Jedi in question, before the realization hit her like a ton of bricks. "Oh, come ON. That's not even FAIR!" Mallory protested, childishly, even rising from her chair and stamping her foot, as she knew herself to be beaten with both her guards hypnotized to this Jedi's will. "You were just screwing with me this whole time? And you Jedi wonder why nobody likes you. All right, all right, let's get this overwith. Go ahead, do your whole..." Mallory made an exaggerated series of gestures obviously meant to mimic a force-pull of the lightsaber into her hands, complete with activation noises.

  • Dr. Jennifer T. Vess: "Okay... nobody moves any further in until we're set with rebreathers and with proper equipment. I mean it! There's science, then there's SCIENCE, but then there's, 'Even the mad scientist thinks this is a bad idea.'"

  • Aurabelle Tinkleena: Once again, she was in heels and a suit, with her weapons not around. "Bloody hell." She sprinted forward to the nearest guy with a rifle. He was dressed like a hobo in baggy clothes. It would do. "Bloody hell." A hammerfist shattered his weapon, she grabbed him by the arm and threw him behind a pillar to the side - then she leaped after him, peeling off her pencil skirt mid-flight. Nice legs! And satin! With a roar, she ducked behind the pillar, slamming her fist into his face, her knee into his gut. "Bloody hell!" He screamed horrible screams, there was a bit of blood and spit, and she rolled out from behind the column in loose, baggy pantaloons - covered in patches - with a vibroknife in hand. "Bloody hell..."

  • a nameless chef: "Fucking rancors, how do they work? I don't even understand how they ended up on so many planets! How do you 'accidentally' lose..." One man was venting at the clean-up crew. It was only an hour and thirty minutes before the dam was supposed to have its official opening; some of the diplomats were here, but the goal was to keep most of them well away so that they wouldn't all be laughing at Kuat.

    a nameless chef: "A ranc- a ra- you want to know where a rancor is." The man who'd been muttering just marched right on up and leered at Dyet, wildeyed, all up in her business; then he marched up to Aislyn. "Miss Hainsworth! She- she wants to know where the rancor came from! Hah! Hah! Ahahaha! She wants to..." His head snapped back to face Dyet again. "This has been happening all week! It came from the same place all the others did! RANCORLAND, APPARENTLY. ON ORD RANCORIS. IN THE RANCOR SYSTEM! Fucking Rancors, how do they FUCKING WORK! And now we've killed one, all of the happy little cavemen around here are going to kill us because we killed one of their sacred beasts! FUCKING RANCORS. ONLY YOU CAN EAT PEOPLE AND GET WORSHIPPED!" And then he broke into hysterical laughter, dropped to his hands and knees, and began crying. Another man walked up to him and began to soothingly stroke his shoulder, then looked at the arranged people apologetically. "Head chef. The rancor destroyed a shipment of truffles. I- I got this under control."

  • Pilot: "There is no stomach acid to destroy them. They also aid in producing the interior atmosphere. The last crew would come here for recreation. It's been untouched since that time."

    Captain Izek: "Then how does it function as a stomach?" he arrived at said fruit treas. "..You mean procreation?" He scratched his head.

    Pilot: "This chamber processes the radiation into nutrients that we need to survive." At his second comment, Pilot looks to him, the look in her eyes indicating that she was trying to decide whether or not he was serious. "No, they used their quarters for that. They would come here to read or relax."

    Captain Izek: Izek nodded. Now he understood. "Ah, uh. Of course." He waved the idea off and grabbed a palm full of fruit. He sniffed at it, turning it over before taking a bite. Juice poured into his mouth, an exotic taste. "Good. Mmm." He munched.

  • Brave Little Jawa: "Akkaaaaa~!" Sprocket rubbed its sweaty, smelly facecloth against one of the vegetables, cradling it in two hands. Almost as if it was a pillow or stuffed animal. Odd, nondescript... /juices/ trickled off of its face and onto the cabbage. Just as it looked like the poor shopkeep was going to faint, Sprocket pulled out its datapad and tapped some words hurriedly. "I BUY TWO FOR BED AND FIVE FOR FREIND BED. I GEIV YOU TWO MOTORS AND ONE BATTERY. :D" It points at a small bag produced from up its sleeve. -That- smells too.

  • Onderon John: When I found Old Man Rhone's body - hah, Old Man, like I'm a spring mynock. I can feel my beard without touching my face - that was the only thing I didn't find there. Amos had left the rest untouched. "Yeah, doll. I'm sure." My eyes twitch towards the horizon. "If I'da been smart, I'd've brought a Jedi or seven with me and not a thief, but guess that's why I'm next to an hourglass woman on a desert planet full of curves and we're both wearin' several layers of clothing. I ain't."

    Sydney Laval: "I know you aren't, dear," She reached over to give the detective a playful pat on the cheek. "It's why I like you, as a professional."

  • Sydney Laval: She crouched over Onderon, rifling through his pockets. He was a detective, right? He must have -something- to defend himself that's a bit stronger than the useless weapons in the crowd. At the least, she was definitely taking his wallet.

    Onderon John: She would find a hold-out blaster, another blaster, a folded-carbine, yet another blaster, a few vibroknives, and that weapon was probably illegal... Onderon -was- loaded. As for a wallet, however, all she found to that regards was a condom with a note pinned to it. There in scrawling hand it read, "This is the only thing you're taking off of me today, toots, and I got my doubts about that one. But a man can dream."

    Sydney Laval: She nicked the little 'offering', marveling at how much dust had managed to accumulate on such a small, square wrapper - this robbery was about the principle, not the point, after all.

  • Ephy: apparently the cook had a old tree fall on her house.

    Ephy: And the reason I can't call her is that there is a tree, on her house.

    Star Wars NPCs: Ah. That would be the root of the issue explaining why she can't simply leaf.

    Star Wars NPCs: So, best not to call and bark at her. No point; you'd just be counting the rings, anyway.

    Ephy: And here I thought she was home, warm in bed, sawing logs.

    Star Wars NPCs: You wood, woodn't you?

    Ephy: Of course, I'd be sleeping like a log

    Star Wars NPCs: No room for other ideas to sprout. You need to branch out. Trust me, it's a way of life that bears fruit. Better than pine-ing away for what could have been.

    Star Wars NPCs: And I suppose here, the conversation now trunk-ates.

    Han Solo: We should plant some seeds to help it grow.

    Ephy: Aura. =/ Cone we stay away from the tree puns, pines?

    Star Wars NPCs: Indeed. Perhaps it is best we clip this short, rather than letting it wither on the vine. Give it a noble death.

    Ephy: ....Thank you very mulch.

    Star Wars NPCs: You just had to get one last needle in.

    Ephy: n.n Course, That's how I do it, birch! XD

  • The Visitor's name has been excised to protect him.

    Visitor has joined starwars

    Visitor: Would you please give reposts. ^-^?))

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: [roleplay post]

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: ((sure, one sec))

    Visitor: Nvm mind.))

    Visitor: Star wars isn't my scene. :-p

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: ((Wrong room?))

    Visitor: No, just wasn't sure this was a starwars rp. :-p

    Visitor has left starwars

  • Cryus: I was raised by Jawas ...

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: You uh, know that jawas communicate heavily by smell, right? And their most common smell is described as reminiscent of piss?

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: because I -fully expect you- to incorporate this into your character

    Cryus: -reconstructs story line-

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: ;_;

  • In reference to above,

    Wedge Antilles: Makes public restrooms awkward.

    Wedge Antilles: -Glances over the urinal- I completely agree!

    Marionette: -pees self.- [Hello, friend.]

    Marionette: -keeps doin' it.- [Isn't it such delightful weather?]

    Malus the Silver: Wouldn't that make bathrooms like auditoriums?

  • CASIN: My secret evil hobby would be dosing the officiator at weddings with LSD secretly.

    CASIN: Do you giant frog take this glowing mass of centipedes to be ohgodmyarmsaremelting.

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: Ke$ha has no artistic value, but I do like to dance to her.

    Marionette: Do you, giant frog, take this glowing mass of Ke[cash]ha, to be your arms.



  • Lorion Osiris: Do you like putting fishsticks in your mouth?

    Wedge Antilles: Well...that does seem like the reasonable place to put them.

    Marionette: Put them behind your ears. Like a shiny quarter.

    Wedge Antilles: I did not suck Ackbar's dick I don't care what anyone says.

  • Wedge Antilles: loli state plainly that I don't mind that people enjoy sex.

    Aurabelle Tinkleena: ...

    Wedge Antilles: oh god

    Wedge Antilles: Wedge in a little dress with a big lollipop.

    Sate Tyuth: Little white dress with pink FRILLS!

    Wedge Antilles: And a bonnet!

    Sate Tyuth: AND A BOW

    Wedge Antilles: Little lace bonnet.

    Sate Tyuth: CURLS!

    Wedge Antilles: Blonde curls!

    Sate Tyuth: YES AND MARY JANES

    Wedge Antilles: With his hairy man legs sticking out.

  • Dr. Jennifer T. Vess: And universal explosions aren't my thing; I'm more a violation of anatomy sort.

    Dr. Jennifer T. Vess: ...that may have come out wrong.


  • Aurabelle Tinkleena: Help me, Han Solo. You're my only hope.

    Han Solo: Sorry, sweetheart. I've saved enough princesses.

  • Muffin the Mailmaid: (At the current rate of posting, I may well be back before it's my turn again. However, if I am not, skip me. The scenario's been explained, so unless you suddenly have boarders from the elemental plane of cheese, I'm fairly confident nothing will get too badly derailed by my return.)

    Elemental Cheese Soldier has joined starwars.

    Elemental Cheese Soldier: (So uh.. When do I post? I got this great entrance idea.)

  • Harbin: ...Judge me not on my love for Preds.

    Sydney Laval: What would you like to be judged on? I can be accommodating!

  • Tal'ani Mirdeth: The most interesting man in the world's bloob smells of cologne.

  • Teilina Juul: D:< *Noogies Lilian's perverted mind~!*

    Lilian Rand has left.

    Teilina Juul: OH GOD! I KILLED HER! O_O

  • Mirage: If I were T'thaum, I'd smack you right now

    Mirage: I'll just have to settle for mindrape later.



Current Standing Storylines By Era:


Come in and add another story to the saga!



Rise of the Empire:

Renegade: The young Sith in Training Darien, on orders from his masters is set out on a mission to assassinate a powerful member of the Jedi Council in the Temple itself, a feat the likes of which no trainee could hope to succeeed. Upon infiltration, however he was stopped and forced into combat by Emiliana, a Force Healer and an Empath. In a flurry of battle, betrayal and terror, the two have come to form a strange bond and are now lost on Coruscant trying to escape the hands of both the Jedi and The Sith that are bound to be chasing them.  Running renegade, they have no way to escape and nowhere to run, they need someone to turn to and quickly or their freedom or even their lives will be taken...

Desolation: There is a man who walks the galaxy, a man with seemingly no name and a face unrecognized. He has taken it upon himself to be a bane to the smugglers and illegal weapons dealers that run rampant on the outer rim. None see him coming or going, giving no clue as to a ship he might hold loyalty to, a planet to call home, or even a direction he arrived from. He will come without warning, the standard of a lightsaber missing the center of its blade boldly embroidered on the back of his heavy cloak by what must have been a loving hand in some age long since passed.  He leaves the symbol behind him when he leaves a place he has does his work, vanishing into the stars without a trace. Always alone, and seemingly always without compromise or even a word of comfort to those he passes, he is known as a vigilante. He is known as The Desolate One.

New Jedi Order:

A Threat in Crimson: Klieyen Ugarin IV once a largely unknown name in the galaxy, starting only as a mere thorn in the sides of the galactic authorities. Reports now suggest that the former-Imperial Admiral had amassed an entire army combined with the strength of a fearsome armada that has come to be known as the Crimson Wings. In seeing the galaxy's bloody legacy of warfare, Ugarin had determined that the galaxy needed a protector of the peace, if not a savior even. Who else better than the Commandant himself to take on the role of 'savior' and bring order back to the galaxy, while crushing all those who oppose the Crimson Guard with an iron fist. As to where this megalomaniac gains his power, there is no knowledge; but he must be stopped, lest the Galaxy fall under his grip.

The Traveler: The Yuuzahn Vong run their ruthless path through the galaxy, a relentless tidal wave of destruction. Running ahead of them however are rumors of a strange ship like none have ever seen. They say that the ship is alive, gleaming in the light of the stars it hovers far too close to, it's hull pulsing like organic skin. Transmissions can be sent to the strange ship and a few have even been answered by a female voice as cold and hollow as space itself. The ship calls itself Hel'ra and the voice refers to itself only as The Pilot. But the further it runs ahead of the Vong, the more often it is seen. The cold voice now offers aid to those in need and the ship opens its doors to reveal wonders that only Jedi Master Luke Skywalker claimed to have seen once almost an age ago. Every ship needs a crew, however, and as the Vong come closer, this one might be getting ready to stop running and turn to fight instead...