Castlevania RP Group


The year is 1803, and the country of France has undergone a great change. In the wake of the revolution, the streets still tremble with apprehension.


Set five years after the events of Symphony of the Night  , the fate of humankind finds itself yet again in peril at the hands of those who seek to resurrect Count Dracula.  The urn containing the ashes and heart of Vlad has been stolen and taken to an unknown location.  From the heightened activity of darkness in the city of Paris, Alucard and Richter Belmont can only assume that the urn lies somewhere within.  Oddly, the Catholic Church remains silent over the matters of the present, though it is unclear whether it is due to involvement, or ignorance.  Be that as it may, the anarchy of the present after the events of the revolution has left paris in a state of heightened anxiety, a perfect formula for domination.


Characters - Protagonists


Alucard Tepes - the preternatural son of Count Dracula.  Alucard is an enigmatic dhampire, having turned his back against his own kind.  He has chosen to be the silent protector of humanity at the influence of his mother's dying words, and wishes nothing more than to end his cursed bloodline.


Age: Unknown (~400)

Height: 6'3

Orientation: Straight

Gender: MALE


Player:  Adrian Farenheights Tepes 




Richter Belmont - is a descendant of Simon Belmont and renowned vampire exterminator. He has a strong sense of justice and unwavering will. Every generation of the Family Belmont has produced tougher, more dedicated vampire hunters — yet Richter stands above all others.


Age: 29

Height: 6'1

Orientation: Straight

Gender: Male



Player:  Richter Belmont



Maria Renard - A vampire huntress and a distant relative of the Family Belmont. With only the age of twelve, she has mastered how to use Animal spirits for familiars, summoning magic spells and the four Celestial Beasts.


Age: 22

Height: 5'6

Orientation: Straight

Gender: Female




Player:  Maria Renard 


Characters - Antagonists


The Great Count Dracula - AVAILABLE

Lillith: The Succubus - AVAILABLE

Carmilla - Carmilla Karnstein


Characters - Original


Helena Bel'acqua

Jack Rinvaran




Original Characters are allowed.  We recognize the fact that an entire world does not consist only of canon characters.  There have to be people who make up the world that the canons exist in.  Please clear all OCs with Helena first, to make sure there aren't double-ideas going on.


Please keep all sexually explicit RP private.  For example, the succubus is played as an erotic character, but once it becomes more than PG13 please take it to PMs.


THE CHATROOM:  This group is a continuing Story Line.  However, when we are not RPing in the main part of the SL, random RP is highly encouraged and welcomed.  Most of the time our RP that is story based will be taking place in private rooms, so you are welcome to free form RP in the Castlevania chat.  We will notify newcomers in the chatroom, or other members, if we are RPing something that is specific to the ongoing story in the main chatroom.


While for the most part we may stick to the solid storyline,  there is no saying that we won't also RP other things.  If you have any ideas for other Castlevania games, please let a moderator know so that we can indulge you!  We're here for RP!


Helena is highly PM friendly.  Please toss ideas her way!