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Warcraft universe setting & RP!


Join as you see fit.


Both Alliance and Horde members welcomed!



Jaina's Conducting an Experiment!  


Jaina here! For all members, past, present, and future:


I have an idea. Instead of trying to form some kind of grand group plot for which everyone would have to bend their characters over backwards (ugggh), how about we try this:


In the Warcraft group, roleplay in private messages is encouraged.

(Egads, who would have thought?!)


In the main chat room (Azeroth), OOC talk is...expected.

(You keep on throwing us for a loop, Jaina.)


Now here's the plot twist...


When you get a good RP rolling with another person in the Warcraft group, if you like where it's going and feel like it's a solid story... Let the group leader(s) know! Please, divulge the details of your storyline...and it will be posted in summary on the group page!


In this manner, each member will be able to see what kind of story their peers are writing. If they like what they see...they can PM that player and say, "Hey! I want in on this cool idea!"


Continuous updates and cooperative RPing will weave a group plot alone.


The members are free to form any kind of story they like.



You are NOT REQUIRED to tell anyone about your story.