!! Welcome to Catland !!


This group has been manufactured solely for those who obtain feline characters. Most often we have Neko(s) showing up but that by no way means your character must be a Neko as well. All your character has to be is a feline of some sort and you're free to roam Catland. Enjoy your stay and don't forget to clean your litter. =^.^=








~ Side Notes ~ 

Being pleasant and friendly is priority number one in Catland. Always be sure to help your fellow felines, let them know you're there for them. Make sure they know you care. ♥♥♥♥♥


It has occured to us that some people have been confused about the situation here at Catland. Just to clear things up, non-feline characters are free to join the room and role play among the members. However, in order to join the group and become a member, a feline character is required.


Unlike everywhere else on this site, we care about people's feelings. People's feelings come before everything else. If someone is bothering you, we'll make sure it ends. In other words, the groupies of Catland come before those in charge. Trust me when I say this, "We care about you." -Smile.-


Oh, one more thing. Making another account as a means to evade a previous ban will result in your latest account being banned as well and so on. Just remember, the runners of this group aren't stupid nor blind like other group runners on this site. We'll know it's you and you won't stand a chance. So, all I can say for those of you who plan to try is Good Luck. =)





Nekomimi Tiffany - A sweet soul looking out for others as well as maintaining fairness for all. This alleycat wants nothing more than for fellow cats to have a good time in Catland. -Owner.-


Alana - Keeping watchful eyes on everything and everybody, this super nice cat has only one goal in mind, and that's to maintain the peace and friendship in Catland. Nothing more, nothing less. She might even be too nice at times. -Guard.-






Rule #1: Role Playing in the room is highly encouraged but not obligatory. However, should you choose not to role play, keep the out-of-character chatting as minimum as possible during role playing sessions.


Rule #2: I understand some of you enjoy feeling sexy. That's perfectly fine, as long as it remains on PM one-on-one. Sexual role play by any form taking place in the room won't ever be tolerated.


Rule #3: My favorite. How to Handle Trolls 101. If someone is in the room causing trouble or drama, all you've got to do is block them. After all, that's what the blocking option is there for, right ? It's there for that reason.


Rule #4: Respect others the same way you'd like to be respected. People will have differences. Deal with them in a mature manner. This also means not talking negatively about other groups, rooms, and people.


Rule #5: Post lengths never matter. As long as your posts are articulate, descriptive, and consist of proper grammar, everybody wins ! Also, don't make fun of anybody who may post less than you. It's uncalled for.


Rule #6: In relation to Rule #4, pasting PM logs in the room will have you banned. Trying to come across as cool in the room by doing this isn't only pathetic, it's also stupid and doesn't make you cool what-so-ever.


Rule #7: If anybody in the group (including those in charge) claims someone should be banned, please state your reason, and it has to be valid or chances are you'll be interrogated. Additionally, he or she that you claim should be banned must have a chance at defense. All in all, the situation will be settled between all parties accordingly.


 contact & announcements




 We're hoping to attract more canon characters as well. Especially Garfield, Catwoman and Black Cat.





[email protected] -- used for group suggestions, feelback, and sometimes other things.