Content coming soon...


Welcome one and all to the group of Finalxxxfanatasy


there is just a couple of things we have to work out and things will get updated eventually as i'm working with Lord Spehiroth to fix things eventually but right now here is just a few simple rules you can hopefully follow 


1: When rping with the room try to keep all drama and anything troll like to yourself. Anyone who is caught trolling or spamming ect will be giving a warning and then if they continue will be banned


2: If you wish to join the group then first be aware you must have to create a FF char or if you can't make one then make sure your char is either a Oc (Since those are very welcome ) Or can fit into the setting/world somehow. Ask us if you have any questions

According to a new thing i'm trying is that each and everytime we get a new member for our group and depending on the char they use will get a present from Yunie based on such a thing ( Gifts differ from whether the char is male or female. ) Tell me what you think if this is a good idea or not