Welcome to St. Michael's School for Girls


St. Michael's is an all girls school were even the faculty themselves are nothing but females, the principle of the school has always firmly believed that a womans maternal love is what students needed in order to succeed scholasticly. Men on the Campus has never been heard of, even the janitors and other employees of the school are all strictly female. The Campus has always had a boundry line were men were just not allowed, with that mindse the school has somewhat evolved into a paradise...a garden of Lillies.


Now with the absense of men present many of the girls dread the experiance while quite a few embrace it, they began to open themselves to the aspects of love between women. Some are curious about it while others are slowly heading down that path. There are plenty to usher and guide them, even if they are just experimenting. There are also those that wish to pour their undieying love upon their other and seek to find their soulmate among the sea of female students...and teachers.



This SL is work WIP at the moment and I am open to suggestions for the new members that join. This is a goup intended for Shoujo-Ai RP. I can sum up the only standing rules right now.





If you join as a Female and your character sprouts a penis in some way, you will be removed...


Also no harassment, if someone is here to play romantic stuff and they dont want to play smutty stuff, dont bother them to. Please respect everyone and just have fun.


The SL above is not set in stone, you could join as a magical girl and fight evil that is thratening the school, or be a wizard in hiding that is the librarian...its all in good fun.


Enjoy ^_^