Smut Waterfalls


Welcome to the amazing Smut Waterfalls resort! That's right! We welcome all, who wish to come and relax, a luxurious resort at the foot of the waterfall! Don't want the constant roar of nature? That's ok we have sound proof rooms, as well! We love to aid all who want to relax, so come in and enjoy! Have kids? They're welcome too! Don't want them to notice the icky adult stuff? That's ok we have a safe place for them to play together.

If you have questions or concerns, please ask the resort owner. She'll be more than happy to aid you!

The rules


Yes yes we have rules, who doesn't? It's only to make sure everyone is happy!


1) Please have a profile. Yes, we want to see a profile before entry. The lack of could indicate somoene is a troll, we try to avoid those meanies!

2) Please do not shame! We don't push people away because of their interests. All we ask is you read someone's profile and respect theirs

3) Do not come in here starting drama. This is to bring friendliness and a good way to meet someone of similarity in some way. A happy community is a better community!

4) Yes ALMOST all kinks are welcome! What isn't welcome is: Scat, gore, vore, death. Please keep these sort of things out.

5) Enjoy the amazing waterfall with bunch of things to do! Do this or you get no cookies! (>.<)