• The RoseWater Building • Modern and Modern Fantasy •

The RoseWater is a room for modern and modern fantasy characters! Feel free to park a name, or play in the room.



  • 1. Have a profile
  • 2. No purely sexual profiles please. There are plenty of places for sexual based characters, and no judgement! This just isn't one of those rooms
  • 3. Any sexual RP must be taken to PMs. However, flirting and such is absolutely fine. Just if it gets intense, do it privately.
  • Absolutely no: underage (less than 18 year old) pedophilia (and that includes dubiously underaged art), incest, nazi, racist/bigoted profiles. You will be banned without remorse, no 2nd chances.
  • 3. This also means in chat we will not tolerate any racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic comments being slung around in chat.
  • 4. On the topic of banning: we ask that you treat other players in respect IC and OoC. For example, if your character is a dick in a public place, wouldn't they get tossed out? Just keep the vibe nice. If someone asks you IC/OoC to stop doing what you're doing, you need to stop. If someone stops responding to you, take a hint. We are all adults here.
  • 5. Warnings will be given, kicks will be given before bans unless you fall into one of the catagories stated above.
  • 6. If you have an issue with someone, please screen shot it and send it to the mods
  • 7. We do not tolerate PM harassment either. If we see you doing that shit, you will get a warning, a kick, and then a ban if you can't control yourself.


-Mods will make an effort to be fair and balanced, context and nuance will be considered.



Overall, if you have a problem with these rules, that's okay! There's plenty of other rooms. We want to keep this a chill place to chill.

The Cafe

Located on the first floor, the RoseWater Cafe is a place where you can sit all day if you want. The prices are low and the coffee is strong. If you can't afford anything, just let the server or barista know and they will figure something out. It is usually Ferguson running around or behind the counter. There is daily soups, sweet treats in the display case, and free cocoa during the winter months. Ruben is a new hire, so please be nice. 



The Friendly Stranger and "The Back"

When you go in the front door to the building, there are the double doors to the cafe to your left, and then right in front of you are some stairs upwards. Those stairs lead to probably the coziest place in the neighborhood. Dappled light from the front windows streams in, dust fills the air in a pleasant way. The shop doesn't take up the full footprint of the floor like the cafe does. There is a door in the back and leads to elsewhere. In the rear of the shop there is the counter and just...shelves and shelves, piles and piles of books. These books seem to run the gamut of mystical and the bizarre. The front of the shop is dominated by plants, items and articles that all also seem to do with the ethereal. Crystals, little bottles of things.


Usually you will see John or Rosie around, if they aren't milling about in the Cafe. The Smith's run the shop. If you are.....in need. If you are...something a bit strange. If you are a being/entity in trouble, all you have to say is "What do you have in the back?". 



Ferguson (Fancii)

Rosie (Honestus Vitae)

Ruben (Ruben)


If you have any issues, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.