A Nexus Room.

This is a Role Playing room first and foremost!

Please keep out of character commentary in parenthesis to avoid confusion.

Consent is key, if someone doesn't like what you are doing to their character they have the right to ignore it.

This is not a smut room, that does not mean it is forbidden, but it should not be a priority.

If it bothers someone please take it to direct messages or another room.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, sex, orientation, etc.

Characters must be 18 or older!

Be courteous or be kicked.


The Story

    In the dead of night, just before new years 2023 a group of scientists were celebrating their latest invention, a machine that was in theory going to make it possible to teleport an object from point A to point B in the blink of an eye, a portal from here to there.  It was supposed to revolutionize transportation, delivery, even how we explore the galaxy!  Unfortunately, the untested, experimental equipment worked, just not the way they had hoped.  It opened not one, but a dozen portals from worlds no one had ever heard of, other dimensions, and even the past, all of which opened at none of the predetermined locations.  People and creatures not of this earth showed up in various, seemingly random locations.  Schools, high ways, the middle of bum fuck Egypt.  Not only did they have no control over where these gateways opened and to where, but despite disassembling the devices responsible, the rifts as they would come to be called continued to open and close without warning.  Some people wandered into them never to be seen again, while creatures some very human in nature appeared and became trapped on a planet alien in nature to themselves.