As you can see, we're still very much a work in progress. As stated in the topic, if your character plays a part in the comics universe that correspond with DC or Marvel (including subsidiary runs), you are more than welcome here.


1. Moderators are not your babysitters - we will deal with issues that affect the room, but if someone is harassing you, block them. If you don't like someone, block them. Do not instigate problems in the room.

2. This room is for DC and Marvel characters (and characters from their imprints, such as Vertigo) that have a basis in comics.

3. As an exception to the rule above, we do allow OCs, but they must have some clear tie to a DC or Marvel setting.

4. If your character is fine with sexual roleplay, cool. We won't care or judge if you even have a Rabbit Hole or an F-List linked in your profile. Profiles focused solely, or even majorly, on sex will not be allowed, however. This also applies to profiles with graphic images.

5. We do not allow joke names as primary names in the room. Someone’s kindly given this profile as an example of a joke name.

6. If you can calmly discuss things, that's great - some people love discussion, but if things start getting heated up, please take your conversation to PMs or just drop it. Also, if something you post (an image, video, et cetera) might be considered NSFW, please say so.

7. On the matter of OOC vs. RP - we are not here to push people one way or another. If you want to roleplay in the room, go for it; if you prefer doing it in PMs, great. We are not here to make sure everyone is roleplaying 24/7. This room is just a place for people to gather and feel welcome. Do not complain about lack of RP in the room.

8. Gossip in public is a no-no. This isn't high school. We aren't mean girls. Keep your trashtalking about people and other groups out of the room.

9. Oh, also, there will be doubles of canon characters. You can't avoid it, so smile and just move on with life.

10. Don’t think that people can get away with stuff on the off chance a moderator isn’t in the room. Just screencap the incident and show it to a moderator as soon as possible.

11. Moderators are not above the rules of this group. Every single one of us is human and fallible.

12. Now, for the nitty gritty of punishment (sorry guys, it needs to be said). Since warnings seem to go ignored in the chat, a FIRST STRIKE will result in a warning; a SECOND STRIKE will result in a kick, and a THIRD STRIKE will result on a ban, the length of which will depend on the nature of the offense.

13. On a lighter note, if you ever have any suggestions or concerns about the room, feel free to come to a moderator. We want to make the room enjoyable, with your help.

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