In the back alleys of the universe, a region long uncharted, lies a large planet of many suns.

Five of them in total, each of varying distance, and all locking the world into a steady rotation in place by pressure exerted on all sides. Perfectly balanced though it may be, the planet is almost perfectly barren.
Almost, of course, is a particularly interesting qualifier. Close to complete. Nearly all.

And it does not hint at a quantity.

Besieged on all sides by deserts of glass and diamond grit, whirling and sparking ferociously under the intense scrutiny of the many celestial bodies atop the heavens, lies a massive oasis, spanning the equator of the nameless world.

Roughly a hundred miles from one end to the other, the oasis is bordered by a flat, invisible barrier that reaches clear into the skies above. Non-physical, it is possible to cross through the barrier though to do so means certain death most assuredly as many have found. Out in the wastes, even when the storms do not rage the trolls that live beneath the surface of that ocean of abbraision most assuredly do. Revolting fiends that they are, the trolls ensure the desert, even at its' sparse and most peaceful moments, is a terrific danger.

Despite this, within this seemingly weak border lies a paradise of technology, of beautiful flora and fauna...and even more so, of gorgeous individuals.

The population of the oasis predominantly made up of anthropomorphic beasts, though any number of other species and lifeforms might be found.


There is minimal information regarding what the native lifeforms actually were or how the other beings came to be on the desert planet. Some tales, however, speak of a doorway of light with no means of return. Some, that it was of dire need that they were spirited away. Others still, that they simply had something they wanted, something to give away, a powerful need, a desire to barter.

Civilization runs rampant in various areas and falls to ruin in others. Over time, villages have become towns, towns then cities. 

In the most populated city, Root Town, lies the pinnacle of civilization. The Furry Lounge.

A house of relaxation, housing a bar, grill and wide range of other facilities, the all places of meeting...also stands as a house of exchange and commerce of many other forms. That being said, it still plays it's part as a more than slightly risque clubhouse, often enough going beyond the bounds of decency with the clienteles' general interest and the lax sentiments toward prudishness in most societies of the oasis. Slavery itself is not unknown in the Oasis, sexually so even less.A swift glance often enough tells the tale on that account.


And despite the name, the Lounge is also open to all comers, including non-bestial.

However, this open door policy does not mean the Furry Lounge is not guarded against wrongdoing. At one time largely unsupervised, it has found ownership in the hands of an ex-merchant overlord whom came into possession of some indispensible tech as well as some aid. A supposedly mild-mannered if odd hybrid-creature, self-titling himself "God-Emperor" since the claim of possession, rumours abound regarding Kittypony. Some say the power of Ownership has gone to his head, his title making this obvious. Some, that it is a self-deprecating joke, a return volley to detractors. Truth or fiction, his stringent rule has proven itself formidable. Primarily due to...

Mediators. The vanguard of the God-Emperor and protectors of the Lounge. Wearing badges emblazoned with a mighty hammer, symbolic of a gavel though denoting the decided force with which they may carry out their duties, Mediators ensure the good conduct of all patrons and safety of the Lounge itself.

Now that you understand, now that you're here; stay a while.

See what the myriad denizens of the Lounge, within the great Oasis, might have to offer.

Or is it that you have come to put something on the table?

Perhaps it is a person?

Perhaps it is yourself?



Yes, this is going to be a parallel to FurryLounge specifically for public RP.


The above was a simple default setting, the best I could work out at present. Feel free to offer input. If you have ideas or desires to the contrary of the default setting, please feel free though do afford others the ability to conform to join you. Either way, don't feel forced or constrained by the setting I offer. I just thought it best to try to come up with something for everyone to work with and honestly don't know (or really care, no offense guys) what the original setting of the place was like, if there was one. 


The layout sucks too, I know.

And, why yes, there will likely be sexual play in public. If you do not like that, please ignore it. I will listen to complaints regarding that, but they shall fall on deaf ears and I will be undressing you with my eyes through the internet and thinking even worse thoughts anyway. Pretty lose-lose, boys and girls.


That said, I suppose it's a suitable lead-in to the...





#1 - The Staff Is Not Here To Ensure Your Personal Happiness.Sad but true. They/we are here to ensure the general, copacetic functioning of the room. If we feel an exchange is endangering that, we will step in. If we feel something is quite wrong, again we will. If someone is doing something we feel is wrong, again, it will be brought to a swift end. We will do our best to mediate and try to keep everyone in and having fun, but...well, you guys understand by now.


#2 - OOC should be kept to a bit of a minimum.A bit of a minimum. A lot like 'Almost'. No real measure of value. I like open interpretations, if you guys haven't caught that. Look, I'm not going to say NO ooc, that's rediculous. I'm not going to give stringent numerics on the matter either. It's allowed, you can do it, but don't infringe upon one another. This is meant to be a roleplay room, use it as one. 


#3 - Be cool to one another.This should be number one. It was last night, in my first...much better..draft of this, before I accidentally pressed a button that sent me back a page and lost everything because I was silly enough to work on it in the group page editor. 8V HONK HONK.




I'd dig it if this works out. It's become obvious to me that some of you guys are interested in public roleplay and more of a sense of community or..something. And I know the main chat isn't ideal or really very welcoming to that kind of thing like at all. And so, here you are, my best attempt at affording you that much. Will it work? I don't know. I hope so. It seems like fun. I might even take part, though I'm kind of silly and weird about that kind of thing. And I have a serious problem with breaking tenHONK HONK DOUGsion sometimes. I'll try though, probably, I think. :3 >:3 Was it wrong to self-insert? I figured I'd make the staffs' actions and so forth fit into the setting piece.

If it doesn't work out, which is fine, I'll probably just, eventually, set this up for it to be a functional place for my staff to communicate or something.

Until then, it will be the furry lounges' roleplay chat/group. Due to this, I shall also be setting a rule in the main chat, no public play. Jokes and the like permitted, but play goes in the play room. Arguments, belly aching, computer technology/wow/etc drivel and all other forms of silly internet conversations, to the main room where it's always been so prominent.


And seriously, input. I don't mind changing just about any of this.


Have fun!



P.S.: I know the merchant thing is silly, but the setting demanded a gimmick. Then again, it could be fun, too.